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Winner’s Chapel official accused of kidnap

The mother of a 15-year-old lad, Madam Romina Wilson has accused an official of Winner’s Chapel Church situated in Oldest Congo Town outside of Monrovia Barak Sackor, of kidnap after the latter under covered of darkness, took her son, Prosper Sailley, from their Duazon residence along the Robertsfield Highway unknown to the child’s parents.

Alerting Madam Romina Wilson about her child’s situation on Monday, August 10, the head of the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberia National Police (LNP) depot #5 situated in Shufflin Town, Margibi County only identified as Bellepo said, while at his office on May 20, a group of men led by Barak Sackor took the minor to the depot around midnight, alleging that Prosper threw stones over his (Sackor’s) house.

Bellepo disclosed that in order to ascertain what actually transpired, he requested the Winners Chapel Church official Sackor to explain why he brought the minor to the police.

According to him, after carefully listening to complainant Sackor’s explanations, he then asked the boy to also explain his side but while Prosper tried to give his own account, Sackor allegedly interrupted and disturbed at the police depot, requesting him (Bellepo) not to entertain any explanations from the boy, which was vehemently rejected on grounds that the boy is a minor.

The Police added that in the process, Sackor allegedly boasted that he works with the Executive Protection Agency (EPS) and immediately began making several telephone calls, while at the police depot before walking out of the police depot, leaving behind the boy.

The WCPS director continued that that due to the intransigent posture displayed by the complainant and considering the strength of officers on duty that night, they allowed him to leave without any formal documentation process of the probe.

However, Madam Wilson disclosed that 15-year-old Prosper who currently lives with her sister, a personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) in Duazon Town, was out of their residence on the night of 20 May when Barak Sackor, who claimed to be an official (auditor) at the Winners Chapel Church stormed the house, kidnapped the minor and severely flogged him, leading to injuries on both sides of his face.

She further alleged that Barak did not stop there, but ordered one of his men that accompanied him to handcuff a 10-year-old-nephew of Prosper, identified Paul Gayflor, inflicting scars on the child’s hand, adding that the handcuff was removed from Paul’s hand when he began to cry out for assistance, calling on neighbors.

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Speaking on anonymity, the female AFL personnel who Prosper lives with, disclosed that she left both children at her house in Duazon Town on the night of 20 May to go buy scratch cards for her mobile phone and upon return, she received a call from the WCPS director assigned at the LNP depot #5 in Shufflin Town, requesting her to the depot to take delivery of the 15-year-old minor.

She said predicated upon the call from the WCPS director, she quickly rushed to the children’s bedroom in the house but to her surprise, only 10-year-old Paul Garflor was in bed, with no where to find Prosper.

According to her, immediately she gathered some of her neighbors and they proceeded to the depot by 2AM and met Prosper at the police station with blood profusely running down his face from the head.

She said the WCPS director Bellepo informed her that Prosper was taken to the depot by one Barak Sackor, who claimed that the minor threw stones at his (Sackor’s) house for which he brought him to the police.

The female AFL officer continued that she then requested the police to ensure that Barak Sackor, who severely brutalized her sister’s son be brought back to the depot so that they can go through an investigation.

But Sackor has since refused to come thereby, compelling the WCPS director to ask her to sue Sackor because the Police could not probe the issue due to Sackor’s unruly behavior displayed at the depot prior to calling her.

Meanwhile, Madam Wilson said she has reported the matter to the head office of the Woman and Children Protection Section at the National Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill to ensure justice is attained, noting that her son could have been killed and his body dashed by Barak Sackor and his collaborators.

When the New Dawn contacted the Shufflin Town police depot, the WCPS head confirmed the information, but in a follow-up with Barak, this reporter was informed that he was out of his home.

At the Winners Chapel Church in Congo Town, a senior official who begged not to be identified, requested this writer to speak with the church’s lawyer only identified as Cllr. Kollie, whose number was stitched off perpetually.

Also, effort to ascertain from the EPS via mobile phone through its Assistant Information Officer Philip Moore, whether Barak Sackor is in the employed of the Executive Protection Service, proved fruitless as Mr. Moore’s number was similarly off.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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