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Welcome to this edition of winning ways, may your day and the rest of this week be full of Gods’ favor and blessing. For edition we are honored and privileged to have one of God’s choicest servants Rev (Mrs) Grace Komolafe, from prayer trust ministries, London, as our guest contributor to winning ways. Enjoy your day.


This nation is at another cross road of decision making for direction.  A time when deliberate and sincere reflection of the past, the present and desirable future, is very crucial to the direction the individual choice will take in the coming election.An Individual makes a nation, every Liberians is responsible for the progress, peace and prosperity of the nation.

This nation has been through a long time of traumatic national event, now is the time for recovery, reconstruction and restoration, on individual and national level. Therefore it is a time for determined and concentrated effort to rise up together as one nation and seek what makes a nation great.

God expressly declares that He is the ruler in the kingdom of man, because of this no nation falls or rises without His divine knowledge.  David also said ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people He has chosen for His inheritance. It is my personal conviction that Liberia is blessed as a nation, not because of anything else, but that God has His Inheritance, The church, in the land.

The awareness of this truth of the presence of God through The Church, His representative and inheritance, in Liberia is very crucial to the rising of the nation. God, the ruler of all nations has declared that ‘righteousness exalt a nation’.  This kind of righteousness can only flow from the Church into the nation, because it is God’s very own righteousness.

One thing is sure; the heart of God is beating towards Liberia with compassion, love and mercy.   God loves the fatherless, the poor, the widows, and the oppressed, under privileged. He knows their pain and hears their cry.

God also has promised His people in the nations that He will bless them –spirit, soul and body – and make them a blessing to their own nations. The church in Liberia is the answer of God to prayer for good governance, prosperity, peace and security.

However, the Church can only give what you have, the Church Herself must be strong, healthy, prosperous, live righteously, before she can affect the nation.  The provision is there for all of God’s children, but we need to seek and get into it.

We are here to help the Church in Liberia to reach her potential together as the Builder of the nation. If you are a church leader, please make time to attend.

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