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Witch-hunting politicians

-Nathaniel Blama brand political actors

Dismissed Environmental Protection Agency director general and Chairman of the Liberia National Union (LINU) Dr. Nathaniel Blama calls on political actors to desist from using politics to witch hunt people they don’t like noting, that was never the basis for the creation of multiparty democracy in Liberia.

He expresses fury over the form and manner multiparty democracy, which the forerunners fought to establish in Liberia is being preached, pointing out that the platform was never created to be used to insult leaders.

Speaking at mini congress of the Liberia Nation Union when three senatorial aspirants of the party, including Grand Kru County Representative Nathaniel Bahway, Pual Kennedy of Gbarpolu and Johnny MonibaNdebe of Lofa were certificated as senatorial candidates for the pending special senatorial elections on December 08, 2020, he explained that the democratic platform was created to provide an undeniable environment that would provide every Liberian a free political space to participate in politics.

“Politics as craved for by past leaders was intended to express diverse views on issues surrounding government, the multi parties democracy Gabriel Baccus Mathews and others fought for was intended to express opinions, advocate for each others, advocate for the destitute and to talk for those who cannot talk for themselves in the supreme interest of the nation”, he notes.

But he laments that unfortunately, the political platform has now turned by those in power to witch hunt others, while some are using the opportunity to insult and lie on one another in Liberia.

The LINU chairman continues that because of misuse of multi-party democracy platform in Liberia, people are now afraid to venture into the country’s politics which was created purposely by past politicians to give every citizen the undeniable right to participate freely in any given political discussion.

Dr. Blama notes that unfortunately, it is disheartened to know that most Liberians now see politicians as cheats and dishonest people.

“We politicians defined the platform given to checkmate government and how to market our visions to politically oust existing government. If you listen to radio stations or read social media, people are destroying one another in the name of politics but unfortunately, that is not what the multi party democracy platform was created for. Let’s discuss issues, lets our politics be based on beliefs and not to be insulting personalities,” he urges.

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At the same time, he calls on LINU supporters and Liberians generally to change the paradigm of politics by avoiding vices that have the tendency to derail the peace in Liberia.

“We need to put ourselves together and engage the political process peacefully – It is about persuasion, not force.”

According to Blama, everyone in Liberia regardless of status needs to protect the peace, adding, “Today, we have our neighbors from the West African region in fact the entire world to come to our aid which, among other things, is from this peace we are enjoying today here. Let the membrane go down in our hearts to look at where we came from as a nation, think about the heinous crimes, devastation of the our beloved country and where we want to carry it by insulting leaders. Today, we have peace; we have stability and tranquility in our country. I think it behooves us to protect the peace here. Let’s not allow political persuasions or believes to derail our peace in this country.”

He reminds Liberians that war is nothing to be proud of, because it does not end on the frontline, rather, war ends on the peace table whatever the disagreement maybe, saying, let’s come on the table and discuss it- that is the reason for the political platform.”

The party’s candidates in separate remakes vow to win their respective counties in the pending election, while Lofa senatorial aspirant Johnny Moniba Ndebe, promised to champion women’s rights in the legislature if he is elected senator.

Meanwhile, LINU during the mini congress elected the national leadership for its women and young leagues thereby, completing the national executive committee of the party.

Blama did not name those he claim are preaching divisive politics but last month, President George Manneh Weah dismissed him from government for alleged fraud, a day after the President had lifted his indefinite suspension, according to the Executive Mansion.

According to report, while serving as EPA executive director, Dr. Blama unilaterally signed a US$20million contract on March 7, 2020, without signatures of the Ministers of Justice and Finance, contrary to the law and established governmental principles and procedures.

Investigation conducted by the Ministry of Justice established that, he did not adhere to legal requirements, standard procedures regarding the selling of the Government of Liberia’s assets.

Blama challenged the government to prosecute him with evidence if he did any wrong, disclosing that he had conversation with the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill and the Minister of Finance concerning the agreement and that both officials expressed optimism that it would be a fruitful agreement.

But State for Presidential Affairs Minister McGill denied ever giving approval to the deal, asking Blama to strop shifting blames and take full responsibility for his action.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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