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Wizkid’s bodyguard angers fans at ATS

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaAngry spectators threw stones, bottles and just about anything on stage Friday, 9 May at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium after bodyguard of Nigerian musician Wizkid threw down the Flag of Liberia.

Wizkid and another Nigerian artist Timaya were on a live show when the incident occurred and disrupted the entire show as fans stormed the stage.

It all began when Wizkid was about to perform before thousands of fans, and requested for the Flag of Liberia to hang on his body as a demonstration of his love for the country, but minutes into his performance, Wizkid’s bodyguard, realizing that his boss was very hot and needed fresh air, removed the flag from the artist’s shoulders and threw it to the ground, suddenly enraging Liberians, who threw stones and bottles.

The fans subsequently booed the Nigerian star which immediately brought his performance to an end. Officers of the Liberia National Police, brought the situation under control, but said they did not see the Ffag of Liberia being thrown to the ground, or else the doer would have been arrested.

However, TIMAYA later took the stage along with local musicians and mesmerized the fans for the entire night.

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