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Rural News

Woman, Accused of Witchcraft, Commits Suicide

Buah Statutory District in Grand Kru County has committed suicide after her son-in-law allegedly accused her of witchcraft activity.

Apparently out of anger and frustration, Madam Nagbe drank a sassywood concoction to prove her innocence, but she died instantly.

The Liberia News Agency reports that the women’s son-in-law Bob Kantan, who is also the Mayor of Workeken city, had accused the late Beatrice Nagbe of witching all of his children with ‘Epilepsy’ thus, destroying their lives.

The lady is said to have died immediately after drinking the concoction which was not authorized by any local authority.

The Ministry of Justice had several years ago banned the practice of sassewood or trial by ordeal, terming it as illegal. The paramount chief of the area Thomas Dorh and the sister of the deceased Beatrice Beteh reportedly arrived on the scene after the incident.

Meanwhile, the wife of Mayor Thomas Dorh, who is also the daughter of the late Beatrice Nagbe has immediately divorced her husband after the death of her mother.  

Meanwhile, the 12th Judicial Circuit Court in Grand Kru has formally opened for the May Term with a call for judges to protect the peace of the nation through the professional dispensation of justice.

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According to the Liberia News Agency, Resident Judge Peter Gbennewleh told Trial Judges in the county to demonstrate impartiality and professionalism in the performance of the statutory duties. He reminded that the court is the last place for justice and that negative practices such as corruption and drunkenness should be avoided in the promotion of justice.

Speaking on behalf of the newly assigned County Attorney, who is yet to arrive in Barclayville, Senior City Solicitor Gordin Nyemah assured Judge Gbennewleh of the full cooperation of the prosecution in the smooth functioning of the court.

For his part, the Public Defender for Grand Kru Attorney William Sickey threatened to take the police to court if they do not desist from keeping suspects in detention beyond the statutory 48 hours.

Attorney Sickey observed this has been a routine practice of police in the county, which he noted is totally contrary to the law. There are about 15 cases on the court docket for the May term, including 10 criminal and five civil cases.

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