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Woman arrested for allegedly beating husband to death

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland

A 35-year-old woman has been arrested in Pleebo, Maryland county following a fistfight with her husband, leading to his subsequent death.

The Liberia National Police detachment in Pleebo City arrested and incarcerated Suspect Josephine Diabeh on Monday, October 18, 2022, following preliminary investigation over the gruesome death of Mr. Williams.

The late Nathaniel Zambia Williams, 43, was a former security for Orange Tower in Pleebo, Maryland.

Community sources say Ms. Diabeh is prime suspect in the death of her husband. She is being detained at the Pleebo Police deport, facing interrogation through the Police criminal investigation team headed by Mr. Jimmy Kardor in Pleebo, electoral district#2 declines to provide detail.

Late Mr. Williams

Meanwhile, since the suspicious death, there have been controversies over the incident, characterized by fear among community members.

After the death of Mr. Williams, a close relative revealed that Ms. Diabeh and their junior brother were involved in a serious fight, which they alleged resulted to him being hospitalized followed by his sudden demise on October 18th.

Some relatives narrated that the widow has allegedly been in a constant habit of beating on their brother.

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One relative narrates: “Thank you very much; I came from River Gee County Gbepo Karweaken, this gone Thursday and I got at the home during the afternoon and I was given kola. But following the kola ceremony, because they can’t give kola to people in the evening, so we laughed with it, but later, confusion broke out between our brother and his wife that same day.”

The male relative added that the conflict between the couple ensued after their late brother accused his wife of involvement in extra-marital affairs with someone in the community.

He said following the allegation, he told the late Williams that it wasn’t the reason why he came to visit his home, and later asked the deceased to exercise patience and forget about whatsoever misunderstanding they might have had.

But the relative alleged that his younger brother later said he won’t listen to even Jesus Christ from heaven because the situation has been a total embarrassment to their relationship.

The relative continued that after constant appeals to the deceased, he and his wife left the couple because the late Williams maintained that he had endured lots of frustrations from now Suspect Diabeh.

“…this woman just feels she gets plenty body, but I will show her myself”, the late Williams was quoted to have said.

“So. the both of them began the fight, passing behind their house and started throwing rocks. But when I was going there, I left my touchscreen behind and took another road; when I was leaving, I used a parable, saying since both parties did not want to agree hmmmmm, I hope you guys shouldn’t turn things different”, the relative narrates.

According to him, Suspect Diabeh then passed behind the house and remarked to the late Williams, ‘The rocks you have thrown on me, since today you been throwing rocks at me; myself too I will hold something on you o-o-o’.

“So, Josephine went and [held] my brother’s private part, before I reached there, things fall apart; no way, then my brother was throwing his hand up. If you say Zambia, then he can say who’s calling?”

The relative notes that the next morning, which was on Friday, he received call from Pleebo that the late Williams’ condition wasn’t encouraging so he was rushed to Pleebo health center on the same day because the incident happened on Thursday evening at about 8:15 PM.

He says the deceased was diagnosed with several body pains, including torture of his private part and his entire spinal cord broken, though health authorities are yet to provide medical report despite efforts to have it available.

The relative explains that while at the Pleebo Health Center, the deceased was referred to JJ Dossen Memorial Referral Hospital in Harper City, where he was pronounced dead by health workers.

The late Williams and his widow had eight children prior to the domestic violence that led to sudden death. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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