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Woman gives birth to monster

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A woman believed to be in her early 30s has given birth to a strange baby with both male and female sexual organs and face like a monster. She reportedly gave birth to the strange baby on Wednesday, February 3, at 4:30 A.M. in Dexville, behind Barnersville Estate.

Speaking to The NewDawn Wednesday, Madam Josephine N. Weah, Founder of the Church of Hope in Christ International in Dexville to whom the lady in question went to for prayers before giving birth, narrated that it all started on Monday when the husband of Madam Annie Nelson, mother of the child, took her to the church for prayers to enable her have safe delivery.

“After I got through with the prayers, I told the husband that his wife will give birth on Tuesday by 4: 30 am, so he can leave his wife at the church in order for her to undergo more prayers before her time reaches”, narrated the prayer mother.

She said early Wednesday morning, Madam Nelson was in severe pain, “Something which caused me to walk with her to the bathroom. I just coming to Monrovia and have not built any clinic for myself so I can do all things at my house.”

According to her, after she took the patient to the bathroom and while checking her, “I saw two things in her: one looks like ballon fill with water with something swimming in it, but I didn’t see it like human being; it had human feet and human hair but far from a natural human being.”

Mother Weah continued that she told the expected mother to continue to push out the child, and while pushing, water gushed out like open pump, adding, “The water that came out of Madam Nelson filled two buckets in the house; I instructed my prayer warriors to clean her up before we continue with the pushing.”

She said while placing her hand under the patient to check her, she felt something bit her like human being. “I warned her that I wouldn’t put my hand under her again, herself will push out the child.”
Mother Weah furthered that few minutes later, Madam Nelson gave birth to the monster-like baby, but the child came out with two feet and navel string.

“When the child came out, it has human feet, hair, wings at the back like a bird, with two big eyes and no human head, something which got me afraid and shouted my prayers. I called her husband and others. They all came immediately to look at the child before I call the police, the commissioner and other authorities.”

Mother Weah said in her entire spiritual life praying for people and performing deliverance, she had never come across such experience, saying “This is what got me afraid to send for all these people, even some journalists to inform the public about this terrible news. I am a spiritual woman and many people come to me to intercede on their behalf; I started this when I was 12 years of age in Maryland County where God gave me the gifts to intercede for others by offering prayers.”

Neither Madam Nelson nor her husband was immediately available for comment. However, some residents speculated the monster-like baby may have been given to the couple from the dark work. By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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