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Woman makes SOS call for ailing grandson

By Lincoln G. Peters     

A woman has launched an SOS appeal to Liberians and the government for assistance after doctors recommended that she take her grandson little Samuel Jonson to a foreign country for surgical operation to remove a bead from his system.

Madam Marry Johnson told this paper in a mobile phone interview over the weekend that her 10 year-old grandson mistakenly swallowed a bead in early December of 2022.

A bead, according to Oxford dictionary is a small, coloured, often round piece of plastic, wood, glass, etc. with a hole through it. It is usually put on a string with a lot of others to make jewellery.

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She narrated that the boy has been ill since the incident, and doctors at ELWA hospital have told her to take the child outside the country for the surgical operation to remove the bead from his system. 

She said her struggling family cannot undertake the cost of taking the boy out of the country to seek medication.

“Today, we will be going to JFK [John F. Kennedy Medical Center] to do the entire test again and if they are not seeing the bead, we will have to take him outside the country as they have instructed,” Madam Johnson said.  

“But if JFK can do the operation as we are praying, they will give us the bill. But, I am a single mother and so I need help because I don’t want my grandchild to die,” she added. 

She lamented that since 24 December 2022, her grandson has not been eating because his throat has closed. 

“Anybody can help me or call on this number: 0880040630,’’ Madam Johnson pleaded.

Madam Johnson said her grandson used to eat when they put tube in him. But she said on 24 December 2022, he stopped eating and drinking because his throat had closed again. 

“From that time, my grandson [has] not [been] eating. He can see the food and chew it but to swallow it now is the problem because there is no way,” she complained.–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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