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Women Abilities under Threat

The Natural Resource Women Platform or NRWP,has disclosed here that abilities of rural women to survived, and care for their families are under threat due to large scale concession of various companies in counties.

Companies deprive these women of traditional lands and forests as a result of the concession activities. The Natural Resource Women Platform or NRWP frown on the alarming situation in rural Liberia.According to the NRWP, large scale concessions in rural Liberia have violated the rights of women in those areas, and as a result, many of their properties have been destroyed by such concession companies.

“ Concession now covers 40 percent of the country, with $US 16 billion in foreign direct investment over the past 12 years; despite promises that concession would bring employment, improved infrastructure and medical care to the less fortunate communities, such is yet to come,” the organization indicated.
It made the disclosure last weekend at the Corina Hotel in sinkor at the launch of a report titled:‘Women the Least Tenure” – Assessing the Impact of Liberia’s Large Scale Concession Land Development on Women Land and Natural Resources.

The Report was launched by two nonprofit organizations – the Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD) and the Natural Resource Women Platform ( NRWP). They are two local NGOs engaged in working in rural Liberia, where concession companies are operating.

By; Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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