Women Empowerment Group Targets Nimba

The Project Runway Designers is returning to Liberia after 23 years to help design Amani Liberia, and cultivate the blossoming Liberian women’s Movement.

Amani will be launched with a fashion show on May 7 in Nimba County, and on the 14th of May in Monrovia at the Monrovia City Hall.

The show will provide Liberian women the chance to network with one of Liberia’s international fashion designer from America, Korto Momolu. Amani, a charity group which operated in Liberia before the civil war, has selected Nimba County as its base for operation.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the Creative Director of Amani, Stephanie Myers said they chose Nimba County ahead of others due to the huge number of less-busy women in that county.

Amani Liberia’s goals are to create the opportunity for women to work with their dignity and respect, get involved in Market and manage businesses through textiles and sewing, as well as grow in self respect while living in harmony and working together.

Stephanie said, Amani provide a place where women can earn incomes for themselves and their family. Amani is a skills-training program for marginalized women seeking to restore hope and dignity to women struggling to understand their value and purpose.

According to Myers, products from the women initiatives will be exported and funds infused into the program to extend it to other counties across Liberia. Amani was established and has flourished in East Africa, Amani founder Beeky Chinchen Fled to Kenya, with her family during Liberia’s civil war.

Chinchen said, Liberian women needed more attention to get on the path to independences, noting that because many women in Liberia were just surviving, they needed skills empowerment.

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