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Women fight over Rep. Sloh’s body

-As wife seeks to prevent burial ceremony in court

Two women believed to have been married to the late Representative J. NagbeSloh Sr., are said to be engaged in a fight over the remains of the late lawmaker.

One of the women, Mrs. Ruth Doe-Sloh in disputing the body asserted that she had made several sacrifices for Rep. Sloh to become the man he was over the years. Mrs. Doe-Sloh has filed an application before the Civil Law Court to prevent the burial of her husband days after she wrote the House.

“I made several sacrifices for him to become the man that he has become over the years,” Mrs. Doe-Sloh narrated in a letter to the House of Representative requesting that the mortal remains of her late husband be handed over to her brother in law Mr. NyensuahSloh, who is her Power of Attorney in fact instead of Mrs. Kou Sloh who is also claiming the body of the late Rep. Sloh.

In her letter dated July 16, 2020, Mrs. Doe-Sloh said she and her husband got married on May 8, 1993 in Monrovia and both have remained husband and wife, never divorced during the 27 years period until his recent demise.

“We met when we were teenagers,” Mrs. Doe-Sloh wrote. I never said anything over the years because I did not want to hurt my husband political career. We have four children and our oldest is 35 years and my youngest is 20.” Mrs. Doe-Sloh explained in her letter to the House days after she posted a tribute to her husband on Facebook.

The post was accompanied by several photographs of her and Mr. Sloh along with their children back in the days before migrating to the United States.

“My husband stayed in touch over the years and even wrote telling me thanks for taking good care of the children.” She continued. “I am writing this letter as a widow because while my husband was away, he entered into an extra-marital affairs and it is the woman that is masquerading as the wife of my late husband Mr. NagbeSloh Sr.”

“Assuming that my husband was married to this woman, said marriage is illegal and unlawful under the laws of Liberia since we were never divorced.” She added.

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“The purpose of this letter is to ask the House to grant me rightful permission to my husband’s body and ensure that the law is upheld under this matter. Please see attached Power of Attorney letter granting Mr. NyensuahSloh, brother of my late husband, full rights to act on my behalf since I cannot travel out of the United States due to COVID-19.

I have stayed quiet enough but my civil rights as Mrs. Sloh are being violated by a marriage of a lie that has gone too far. These are not the best circumstances but I am requesting this body of the Government to acknowledge and immediately implement my rights as the rightful Mrs. Sloh who stood with my husband as he developed his career as a journalist.” She added.

Though this paper was unable to get to Mrs. Kou Sloh as at press time, but sources in the corridors of the House of Representatives hinted this paper that the law makers had earlier agreed to turn the remains of the late Rep. Sloh over to Kou due to her presence here and the fact that she also have kids for the late lawmaker. The date of the marriage between the late lawmaker and Kou could not be established by this paper also.

However, according to our source the move was halted by Speaker Boahfal Chambers who insists that once the late lawmaker did not divorce his former wife before marrying Kou, the law will honor the request of the first wife Ruth.

The source said the House is therefore going by the request of the first wife and are now dealing with her through her designated Power of Attorney.

There are also speculations that Mrs. Ruth Doe-Sloh is willing to seek legal redress against the House if that august body refuses to grant her wish under the Civil Law. By Othello B. Garblah

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