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“Women must fight for their places”

Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Madam Julia DuncanCassell says if women are to get on par with their male counterparts,they must continue to fight for their places.

Minister Cassell told Coffee Break on UNMIL Radio via mobile phone onMonday, 6 March that for too long women here have been left out ofdecision – making process that has left a negative impact on them.

“The significance of this conference is to look at documents becauselast year we did similar conference; but this conference, we arelooking at women leadership, girls education includinginter-generational dialogue with … organizations, inter- religiouscouncil, among others”, she said.

Having cited the global theme for this women conference as “Be Boldfor Change”, Minister Cassell said the theme alone speaks to the factsthat women must not be held in the back, but they must rather fight toget to their rightful places.

Minister Cassell concluded that the conference will mark the strugglethat women around the world have made to gain equality and equalrights as well as to reflect on the changes and progress thatculminated in their international endeavors.

She said the conference which is due to take place at the SamuelKanyon Doe Sports Complex from Tuesday to Wednesday this week willdemonstrate some of the ways in which women can fight for their place.

She says Liberian women from across the 15 counties here, includingwomen organizations, local NGOs and youth groups are being targeted toturn out for the international women conference.

At the end of the conference, Minister Cassell hopes that a draftdocument would be prepared that will speak to the numerous challengesthat women in Liberia are undergoing.
By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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