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Work in unity

Madam Fatu T. Corneh, PUP Margibi District Five Chairlady

The women leader of the opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP) for Margibi County District#5 is urging women leaders and women in general in the country to work in unity in helping their male counterparts to foster development and women’s participation in national leadership.

She said in unity, women will get on par with their male counterparts, encouraging more women’s participation in leadership. Madam Fatu T. Corneh spoke recently at the Darkor Town Public School in Section Two, Dinning-ta Clan, District#5 during the induction of the Co-chair, Mrs. Ponawennie Mars.

Madam Corneh said when women work in unity and love, they will understand one another and prioritize development in their respective areas. Speaking directly to Mrs. Ponawennie Mars, she challenged her to put the people’s interests above her personal interest because she was chosen by them to work in their favor.

She also told Madam Mars to always consult the people about things that directly affect their lives before taking decision, stressing that as a leader, she must unite the people and be ready at all times to listen to their cries.

The PUP District Leader added that the section leader must coordinate with all leaders at the district and county levels and the country at large, if she wanted to succeed in her leadership.

In response, Madam Mars pledged to work with the citizens and always seek their interest, adding that she needs the people’s support in helping her as a leader to do her job. She however lauded the citizens for choosing her as their leader and assured her colleagues in leadership of her unflinching support in ensuring the citizens’ plights are properly addressed.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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