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World leaders congratulate Weah

Since his victory as the 24th President-elect of the Republic of Liberia, Senator George Manneh Weah has received plethora of felicitations and well wishes from world leaders.

Amongst them were congratulatory messages from the Government of the United States; the President of France, His Excellency, Emmanuel Macron; the King of Morocco, His Excellency, Mohammed VI; the People’s Republic of China; and the Government of the United Kingdom.

The United States Government, through its press secretary, extended congratulations to President-elect George Weah on his victory in a statement dated December 29, 2017. The US government acknowledged the historicity of this victory by recognizing that it is Liberia’s first peaceful and democratic transition of power in decades. The US government further intimated that they are “deeply committed to the longstanding relationship with Liberia,” and assured the President-elect that they will “continue to support the success of this historic democratic transition and the peace and prosperity of the people of Liberia.”

For his part, the President of France took to Twitter to express his congratulations. He wrote: “Congratulations to George Weah for his brilliant election and all of the people of Liberia for the path towards peace and reconciliation. Congrats Mr. George.”

Additionally, the Government of the United Kingdom through its Minister for Africa, Roy Stewart, wrote: “I congratulate President-elect George Weah of the Republic of Liberia on his election success. The Liberian people and political parties have shown commitment to the peaceful conduct of the electoral process with disputes settled using due process under the constitution. This is a milestone for Liberia’s democracy and sets an example for others to follow.
The UK values its relationship with Liberia and looks forward to working with the new Administration.”

Moreover, on Sunday, December 31, 2017, The King of Morocco, King Mohammed VI, congratulated President-elect, George Manneh Weah on his victory and vowed to strengthen bilateral ties. In a message to President-elect Weah, the Moroccan King said the election result shows “how keen the Liberian people are to promote the democratic transition and make sure their aspirations for a prosperous future are fulfilled.”

The Government of China, through its foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang also expressed congratulations to President-elect, George Weah. In an official statement he said “China is ready to work with Liberia to promote the bilateral comprehensive cooperative partnership and benefit the two peoples.”

The Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta was also amongst the plethora of leaders that congratulated President-elect Weah. In a statement released on his Facebook page, he wrote “My very warmest congratulations to President-elect George Weah. A serial champion in his days as a footballer, his excellence and persistence has now won him the leadership of his people. Kenya sends its very best wishes to him and to his administration; and we all look forward to even closer ties in the years ahead. Congratulations, Mr President-elect.

President-elect Weah’s victory is a triumph of democracy. Kenya will stand with Liberia, as we have in the past, for we believe that Pan-African cooperation will win every African the prosperity and freedom they deserve. I look forward to working with President Weah and his administration in the service of those ideals.”

Newly elected Ghanaian President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, also chimed in his congratulations in a statement released on his Facebook page. The Ghanaian leader wrote “Warm congratulations to George Oppong Weah on his decisive victory in Liberia’s peaceful presidential run-off, thus becoming the next President of the Republic of Liberia. Vice President Boakai is also to be commended for the maturity of his campaign. This election has strengthened the frontiers of democracy in Liberia, and it is our hope that it will lead to the improvement of the living standards of Liberians. Best wishes for the success of President-elect George Weah, and Vice President-elect, Jewel Taylor.”

Congratulations were also received by several other Heads of state and International organizations. Amongst them were the presidents of Gabon, Guinea, Niger, Senegal, Nigeria; the president of South Africa, the Honorable Jacob Zuma; the International Human Rights Organization; the European Union; the African Union; ECOWAS; and several other heads of state and international organizations.

This outpouring of congratulations and warm wishes is a clear indication of the confidence the international community has in President-elect Weah and their desire to ensure his leadership is successful in meeting the needs of the Liberian people.


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