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Wrecks still at Greenville Port basin

The Manager at the Port of Greenville, Sinoe County, Mr. J. Daffa Wiles says large part of wrecks still remain at the Greenville Port basin, as he denies being informed of any contract signed between the National Port Authority or NPA and Denmar Enterprise and its CEO Deneah Martin Flomo.

Former NPA Managing Director Ms. Matilda Parker and her Comptroller Mrs. Christian Kpaba-Paelay are facing charges of economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy and theft of property for allegedly awarding co-defendant Flomo contracts to remove wrecks and provide security consultancy in the tune of US$800,000 plus for ports under the NPA.

But the prosecution abandoned legal actions against the alleged contractor, Mr. Flomo, using him as a state witness to testify about how he allegedly transacted business with Ms Parker and Mrs. Paelay.

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Mr. Flomo had earlier testified of how he en-cashed multiple checks written in his name, though he claimed to perform no such contracts in question.

Appearing at the Criminal Court “C” as third state witness on Monday, 25 January, Mr. Wiles said he has never encountered any man by the name Deneah Martin Flomo at the Port of Greenville or anywhere here in Liberia.

In his account as port manager, Mr. Wiles narrated that attempts were made by the Buchanan Renewable Energy or BRE and another company called G-4 to remove wrecks from the Grenville Port, but these companies did not succeed.

But the witness put it clearly that there was no indication that Mr. Flomo had connections with these companies that tried removing the wrecks. He further told the court Monday that a Dutch company which name he was not sure of spelling correctly – ‘Von-Onore’ also dredged the port, but added that dredging and removal of wrecks were not the same.

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He maintained that large part of the wrecks still remain at the basin of the Greenville Port up to present. He also denied security related activities being carried out at the Port. The witness identified statements made and signed by him during interview with investigators from the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission and the Justice Ministry.

Following direct examination with prosecution on Monday, the defense team representing Ms Parker and Mrs. Paelay were asked to begin cross-examining witness Wiles.. The case continues at the Criminal Court “C,” Temple of Justice in Monrovia.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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