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YALI director challenges Liberian youth

The Director of the Young African Leaders Initiative’s Regional Leadership Center Dr. Shola Safo-Duodu challenges Liberian youth to think positively in order to develop Liberia and Africa at large.

Dr. Safo-Duodu notes that since the establishment of YALI, it has trained over two thousand youths across nine African countries in various disciples, majority of whom are making positive impacts in their respective countries.

She explains that the training program comes in two phases: face to face training with students and online training that are very much effective with more graduates than the face-to-face training program.

Dr. Safo-Duodu stresses that it’s time for youth in Africa, mostly Liberia to take initiatives in developing their countries through career choices for positive impact.
The president of the Publishers Association of Liberia and Managing Editor of New Dawn Newspaper, Othello B. Garblah, advises students and attendees at the program to see their country as priority than wanting to go abroad as usual.

“Many times if you don’t travel out of your region, you would feel all is well. I will advise you today; if you’re living here in Liberia or any part of Africa and earning US$500 and above, please stay right here and make use of your money in your country because living out there is not easy,” Mr. Garblah cautions.

Speaking on the topic, “Why I decided to be a Journalist”, he recalls that while in high school, he had love for writing and was always in the habit of writing letters to himself.

“There are things I hate personally that also encourage me to become a journalist; I hate disadvantage, the denial of people’s right, and poverty; that’s why I don’t agreed with the government’s pro-poor agenda because I just hate to be poor. I’m pro-rich, I don’t want to be poor,” Mr. Garblah says with a smile.

By Ben P. Wesee-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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