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Yekeh Kolubah gets separate trial

The Criminal Court “A” in Monrovia has granted Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah the permission to be placed on severance which will enable him to face separate trial from others who were jointly indicted along with the lawmaker last year.
Mr. Kolubah, a staunch critic of President George Manneh Weah, was indicted along with Mohammed A. Keita, Abu Keita, Oliver C. Konneh, Johnson Kpor, Vamah Kulubah and Mohammed S. Kaba for alleged aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit murder, kidnapping, criminal solicitation and criminal facilitation.

Ruling on the motion for severance at the Temple of Justice Wednesday, 18 March, Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie indicated that justice will be prejudiced against Mr. Kolubah were he to be tried along with these defendants because the rest of the defendants have not been present all of the time to commence the trial.

“So the as to whether [justice] will be prejudice against him were he to be tried along with these defendants the answer is YES,” the judge rules.

At the commencement of the hearing Wednesday, defense lawyers for defendants Mohammed S. Kaba and Mohammed A. Keita informed the court that the two accused were out of the bailiwick of Montserrado County facilitating a workshop and that they would hopefully be present in court at the next hearing.

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Since the trial commenced, Judge Willie notes that Mr. Kolubah has attended most of the hearings, but the rest of the defendants have not been present all of the time to commence the trial.

Mr. Kolubah and other defendants were jointly indicted here by prosecution over claims that the lawmaker ordered his bodyguards to beat and wound one Emmanuel Sherman who had allegedly rejected T-shirts and leaflets printed for the June 7, 2019 Save the State peaceful protest organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

The indictment says defendants Oliver Konneh, Abu Keita, Mohammed Keita, and Johnson Skpor illegally arrested Emmanuel Freeman in Gay Town, Old Road Community on 5 June at 4:30, stripped him naked, handcuffed him and severely beat him with sticks, rocks and piece of iron on his head and other parts of the victim’s body.

Prosecutors claim in the indictment that the bodyguards acted on Rep. Kolubah’s order, with allegation made that Rep. Kolubah came out of this house “with a pistol” in his hand and allegedly remarked: “This is the man, we’ll zero him tonight.”

The indictment alleges that Rep. Kolubah’s statement motivated Oliver and the rest of the accused to further beat Emmanuel Freeman mercilessly with sticks and a piece of iron in plain view of the lawmaker and under his alleged instruction.The case has been rescheduled for hearing on Friday, 20 March at 10:00 a.m.By Winston W. Parley

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