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Yekeh Kolubah hasn’t done much

Former Montserrado County District#10 lawmaker Julius Berrian, has questioned the performance of his successor, Representative YekehKolubah, noting that Kolubah has not done much in the areas of lawmaking, representation and advocacy.

Mr. Berrian lost the district#10 seat to now Representative YekehKoluba during the 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections on the ticket of the opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP).

Giving his assessment of Yekeh’s performance to group of journalists in Monrovia recently via mobile phone from America where he’s furthering his education, he said the lawmaker hasn’t met his target.

“Going to the Capitol Building, doing an appraisal in terms of the number of bills he has submitted, number of times he spoke on the floor, I don’t think our lawmaker has met his target. His deliverables, his performances are highly questionable now”, the ex-lawmaker noted.

At the same time, he termed as improper, frequent rants by Rep. Kolubah against President George Weah and officials of government.

Kolubah, who won the district#10 seat as an Independent Candidate, is on record for spewing invectives at President Weah and senior officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change-led government.

He accused the Pro-poor government of bad governance and widespread corruption. But Berrian said the pattern Yekeh uses in communicating his disappointments to the public is demeaning.

“I think the methodology that our lawmaker uses to get his message across is not unique. It’s very colonial. I would term it as immoral. In this 21st century I don’t think it’s time for a lawmaker to use all kinds of indecent words on national radio.” Berrian stressed that the President, as the first citizen of the country, deserves courtesy at all times.

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“You cannot sit to abuse the presidency. One thing we need to do in this place is to protect and respect the presidency. It’s mandatory for everyone to respect the presidency. So what happens to our children that are in school? What is he teaching our kids? This is unacceptable of a legislator.”

The former lawmaker spoke minutes after he donated rice and cash to over 300 family heads and intellectual centers in the district, terming the gesture as a duty, being a former lawmaker to identifying with his people during the current health crisis.

“I thought it is wise to identify with my people. As we battle this global health crisis, people need to get food so that can battle the virus. This is normal thing. We do this every time. As God blesses us, we also bless others”, he expressed.

Intellectual centers that benefited from the donation include Oldroad Concerned Intellectual Discourse (ORCID), Concerned Intellectual Association (CIA), Elders Discussion Forum, and Tarr Town Intellectual Center, respectively.

Each of the centers received two bags of 25 kg bags of rice and 5,000 Liberian dollars. The gesture to the above intellectual centers came after the ex-lawmaker also identified with three hundred family heads in the same district.

A resident of the district, Bobby Zenneh Johnson, presented the items on behalf of Mr. Berrian and the “Friends of Berrian.” The beneficiaries lauded the former CDC lawmaker for the gesture, which they described as timely.

“This is strange. This is the first time for somebody to come to us without making any request. We pray that Berrien will be blessed by God to continue his good work”, Sam Browne, acting chairman of the Elders Discussion Forum of Chugbor, Oldroad said.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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