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Yekeh vows Grand Gedeh return

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Days after surviving a ruthless attack by ruling party Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) supporters in Grand Gedeh County, opposition lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah says he has been charged with the responsibility to carry out the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP’s) primaries due next week in the same county – Grand Gedeh.

“I have been charged with the responsibility to carry on the primary. We got three candidates in Grand Gedeh that want to run on the CPP ticket so I will be picking up next week for Grand Gedeh to carry on the primary,” Mr. Kolubah told a live talk show on Sky FM Monday, 3 August.

Mr. Kolubah and CPP chairman Mr. Alexander Cummings were attacked last week by CDC supporters in their hundreds in the county, demanding the opposition officials to leave the county immediately as a way of venting their anger at the lawmaker for insulting and criticizing President George Manneh Weah.

Last week thugs invaded Mr. Cummings and Mr. Kolubah’s lodging place in Zwedru city, Grand County, stoning the B-2 Guest House that hosted the opposition officials and their vehicles, demanding that they leave the county.

Joint State Security forces failed to make any arrest for the violence that occurred in the county, and it took the intervention of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to disperse the disgruntled folks
Kolubah is a staunch critic of President Weah and the CDC regime, and has vowed to extend his responses to the presidency in retaliation for being attacked by government officials and supporters of Mr. Weah.

Announcing his planned return to Grand Gedeh while the violent incident of last week still remains the top discussion here, Rep. Kolubah says the CPP initially did not have a candidate in the county, but he is returning there because the Collaboration has received three names from its county leadership.

Kolubah says he is trying to service his vehicles and adjust to the small body pains he is undergoing for having driven himself throughout the tour of the southeastern counties last week, but he will pick up for Grand Gedeh next week.

“I will be in Grand Gedeh hopefully next week Wednesday or latest Thursday because I will be making a stop to Tappita, Nimba County. The people say I should stop there. I will be making one night in Tappita before I leave for Grand Gedeh,” he says.

Mr. Kolubah claims that those who carried out the attack last week are zogoes, a Liberian way of referring to wayward folks, adding that he has no problem with the people of Grand Gedeh because they are peaceful people.
“The Grand Gedeans are peaceful set of people. I got six children from Grand Gedeh. Six, not one. No, no, it was not the Grand Gedeans that chased me out. It was those criminals they took from the prison compound you know, that they brought,” Mr. Kolubah alleges.

He accuses Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Kai Farley and Representative Zoe Pennoh of allegedly bringing the criminals out to carry on the rude attitude.

Before leaving Montserrado County net week, Mr. Kolubah discloses he will commence a tour from 72nd Junction through Iron Factory Field to gather the Muslim community there to prove the CPP’s strength within the Muslim community.

Kolubah claims that the opposition has gotten the weakness of the CDC government, saying, the government’s weakness is for people to celebrate the opposition “and we have been celebrated.”

Speaking earlier on the talk show, opposition Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon alleged that Grand Gedeh Supt. Kai Farley ordered Mr. Cummings to leave the county on grounds that he was not informed by Cummings before entering the county.

Dillon believes that in order for President Weah to prove that he takes the violence in Grand Gedeh seriously, he is supposed to announce Farley’s indefinite suspension while investigation is ongoing.

Additionally, Dillon suggests that the Superintendent of Maryland County should be fired immediately for his recent statement that prompted a serious rebuttal from the Armed Forces of Liberia.

Dillon criticizes President Weah for putting up a cosmetic attitude by waiting for several days after the incident in Grand Gedeh before going to his church to tell his base that if they loved him, they should refrain from violence.

“A leader will speak to the country, calling for calm and taking action over those he has authority, so that it can send the message to the rest of the country,” he says.

The opposition senator claims that President Weah supports these things being carried out by his people, but only pretends being against them when he faces criticisms. But Dillon repeats his warning to the government that if it brings chaos, the opposition will return it.

“We will take part in the election the same way the president been taking part in the election. Let me repeat, you chunk rock, we will chunk rock. If you use two – by four – plank, we will use eight – by four – plank. If you throw six – inch block, we will throw eight – inch block, then the people who supposed to come calm the situation will come,” Dillon warns.He further warns that “if on the insistence of President Weah and his people …” will want to thwart the decision of the people to retain him (Dillon) at the Senate this December, then he will thwart the president’s tenure.

He tells the government that President Weah will have the likes of Dillon and Henry Costa to keep him in check just as former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had George Weah and Acarous Gray while imprisoned former President Charles Taylor had Catholic Bishop Michael Francis checkmating them. By Winston W. Parley

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