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YISAD launches youth empowerment project

Youth Initiative for Social and Academic Development or YISAD vows to empower Liberian youthful population so that they may refrain from pursuing governmental posts as the only means of employment.

YISAD is also challenging young people to make use of entrepreneurship skills in pursuing their goals in life with patience and commitment.Speaking recently during the launch of the YISAD project in the YMCA Conference Hall on Crown Hill in Monrovia, Chief Executive Officer, Ambassador Amara A. M. Fofana, historicized the organization saying, it was established in 2014, during the Ebola outbreak and was very instrumental in buttressing government’s effort in combating the virus which destroyed many lives.

Amara, also a Youth Ambassador, notes that on April 27, 2015, YISD obtained its Article of Incorporation as an accredited organization in Liberia, and subsequently on a campaign to various high schools in Montserrado County and its environs, educating teenagers on the dangers of teenage pregnancy, including distribution of condoms.

He points out that gone are those days when Liberians, especially youth consider government jobs as the only means of employment, challenging youth of today to strive for independent lifestyle.

Ambassador Fofana discloses that membership recruitment for YISD is now available online and encourages young people to take advantage of the opportunity to empower themselves.

Keynote speaker DwanaB’akongo Sesay says, the organization subscribes to international best practice, because it promotes freedom of speech and other fundamental rights.

However, he notes that the problem with Liberia’s youthful population is the lack of patience, as many of them wish for quick greener pasture, instead of focusing on a job that will benefit them for life’s time.

Besides, he says the youth lack consistency, creativity and innovation. “About 60% of Liberia’s population is made up of young people but they lack the spirit of patience, consistency, and creativity and innovation. They complained on a daily basis because they are not qualified, lack patient to wait for success; they want quick miracle and that is their weakness. Besides, some of them lack moral conduct; some are not trusted and lack manner of approach and qualification,” Sesay notes.

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Quoting the Greek Philosopher Plato, he reminds young people of Liberia that “An unexamined life is not worth living”, stressing that young people, who do not examine their lives and are crying for employment without qualification and moral, are not worth living because they are burdens on society.

The keynote speaker then donated 45,000 Liberian Dollars to the organization and pledged another 10,500 to be picked up before end of the month.The program was characterized by fundraising with several donations and pledges made. Chief launcher, N. Hun Bu Tulay, donated US$100 as initial contribution followed by the Board Chairperson of YISD, Ora Barclay-Keller, among several other personalities.

At the same time, members of the advisory board of YISD were installed and formally certificated during the launch of the youth empowerment project.

–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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