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YMCA Old Timers honor leader

The President of the YMCA Old Timers Basketball Association says rendering humanitarian and sacrificial services to less fortunate and needed Liberians should be the greatest desire of any well-thanking and well-meaning human being on earth.

Mr. Sam Wlue, also Minister of Transport quoted a popular proverb, which says to whom much is given, much is expected, challenging other well-meaning Liberians not to use their God giving resources or worth only for the betterment of themselves and their families but to share with the less-privileged in society.

He gave the challenge Saturday, 3 October 2020 when members of the YMCA Old Timers Basketball Association certificated and gowned him for his humanitarian and sacrificial services rendered the Association under his leadership amid difficulties.

Mr. Wlue said providing humanitarian assistance was his way of sharing to demonstrating that people who have little more worth by God’s grace can make a change in society by making the best out of what they have by touching and lending little helping hands to others to improve their lives and families.

Certificating and growing Mr. Wlue, two of Liberia’s best National Lone Star Basketball Team Veterans Players, Benedict Blackie Sayer and Eric Watts said, the YMCA President has continued to show his able leadership in steering the affairs of the association even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in Liberia.
They said had it not been for the capable leadership of the honoree, the YMCA basketball association would have seized to exist in the pandemic.

According to them, said since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, even when it was not fashionable to play basketball in Liberia, Mr. Wlue kept the YMCA Old Timers together through his many humanitarian gestures.

Also making remarks at the jubilant celebration with a cross section of Staff of the Ministry of Transport, Montserrado County district number 16 Representative Dixon Seboe challenged other well-meaning Liberians to see sharing as a positive change for society. Rep. Sebo said he was inspired by the word “sharing” a little with others spoken by Mr. Wlue.

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