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You are the ones that abandoned your Districts

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In anticipation of 2017 general Elections, another political expression has emerged. In most of the “Truth Breakfast Shows” aired by 96.1 FM and other local radio stations, majority of the callers introduced themselves by name and assert that they are calling from an abandonedelectoral districts.

Those making such assertions, do they ponder or think about the implicationsor just want to vehemently criticize their law makers? The response to this question prompts the conceptualization of this article.

In the minds of the callers from abandon electoral districts, it suggests that their law makers have failed to deliver campaignpromises, demonstrate little or no concern for addressing problems that continued to beset their districts. In whatever way this definition of abandon districts may not meet the consent of the callers, the fact remains that making such claims have the implications that require exploration.

Let’s examine the implications. The assertion or claim that electoral districts have been abandoned by some law makers provokes questions that of course reflect on the claimants. The first question is, who voted for these law makers accused of abandoning their districts? Were their backgrounds or track record taken into careful consideration, what other factors influenced the votes in favor of the law makers now accused of abandoning their districts?

Arguably, the responsibility for failure as it relates to the caption of this article rests on the shoulders of you the claimants voters. In other words, it is presumed that before your decision to exercise your political right, you must have considered the kind of person to entrust your districts with. This is important so as to avoid the claim of abandoned districts that to a large extend reflects on for making such decision. Therefore, your failure to have ignored the kind of person voted for holds you accountable.
About other factors that influenced your decision to vote, let’s look at a situation in which the aspirant employed the concept of cash violence or cash to influence your decision. Should it be a surprise for such person that won the election to abandon the district? Of course not. What most of youthat now crying abandoned districts never thought about the interaction was a business transaction that implied buying your votes. For those you able to reason well, in this kind transaction, is the law maker under any moral or legal obligation to the district after spending money that perhaps require replenishment or liquidation?

Assuming that this is the case, it means that until the money borrowed can be replenished or liquidated, the district is unlikely to benefit from any project sponsored financially by that law maker. As such, people will always cried abandoned electoral districts.

from observation, it can also be argued that those crying abandoned districts must have also voted on what most Liberians often called “Party Line” meaning that some of the law makers were voted not because of the track record, leadership or ability to impact change rather by virtue of their membership coupled with the voters conviction in the party political leaders that manipulate them to vote. Assuming that this is the case, should it be a surprise for people to be crying abandoned districts? Of course not. This is becausethey voted for a candidate without regard for his/her character or ability to meet your expectations. Moreover, they voted for a candidate probably without a platform or whose platform was aloof or far from the practical challenges faced by the district. 

In summation, those always introducing themselves from abandoned districts on radio programs must bear in mind that they bear the greatest reflection for making the assertion as such has no claims on any law makers. They must account for their decisions that caused the abandonment of their districts.

By Ambrues M. Nebo

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