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You Better Be Extra Smart, God

Looking at the wickedness and rottenness of human beings and considering the hypocrisy of everyone, especially the so-called men and women of God, I have written series of articles in which I suggest that you God do this or do that.

First, I wrote an article asking you to show every human being’s video on Judgment Day, as it would clearly show in the open the wicked and rotten words and deeds of everyone. However, after publishing the article, many readers called, sent texts and sent emails, with some saying that they will argue with you bitterly, indicating that the videos shown about them are doctored. You see dry face, Father God?

Others said they will tell you that the videos shown about them are not clear; therefore, they say that you cannot judge them based on such videos. In other words, they will protest. You see dry face, Father God?

Still, others said that they would, considering the pass-mark rottenness of other people’s videos, ask you to just forgive them and send them to heaven. In short, they would be contending that looking at their videos, they lived a better life than those with worse videos. You see dry face, Father God?

Because of these comments and many others, I changed my original suggestion and give a new one – that you forget about showing any videos and just introduce the invisible rattan. I suggested that you come every Saturday and flog all the rotten people on earth.

But, Father God, this suggestion, too, is not without problems. Some have said that you have to tell them in advance the number of lashes for each form of sin or rottenness. You see trouble, Father God? We are just troublesome people.

So, God, I just wanted to say that anything you do on Judgment Day, please be extra vigilant on that day because all these dry-face human beings are designing all kinds of strategies to apply on you.

You need to be extra smart, Father God. Frankly, Father God, I am aware that smartness da your area, but I just wanted to say that you should not take anything for granted. Don’t overlook anything on that day because most of the creatures called human beings are setting for you too-o. They know that Judgment Day will be a do-or-die day, so they will do everything to go to heaven.

One thing you could do for yourself on the Day of Judgment is for you to sit somewhere far from us – a place that we will be unable to run or jump. If you make any mistakes and come near some of us, as soon as you say go to hell, many people will grab your legs and stick on them like glue, refusing to enter hell. When people like Sam, Leo, Cori, Fred, Prince, Paleh, Barclay, Lomax, Carlton, and my friend Othello grab your legs, you will cut their hands before the leave them. Don’t come near us. We’re setting for you too.

If some people don’t manage to grab your legs, they will grab your gown. If you sit in any chair, be careful because some could attempt to pass under your chair and go to heaven by slow-away.

If you make any mistakes and come near us, then I feel sorry for you, Father God, because most of the grown boys down Water Side, boys that can be looking at you and stealing from you could be looking at you, play some tricks on you to pass between your legs and start running straight to heaven.

And don’t depend on your angels because some of the corrupt people we know on earth could attempt to bribe those angels. Already we are aware that not all the angels are morally strong. They could be carried away by material things. For example, we read in Genesis Chapter 6 that some of your angels ran away from heaven because of the beautiful women they saw on earth. It is possible that some of them could except bribe from us. If they try it, forget it, we will not waste time in giving them the bribe. We want to go to heaven.

Let’s be frank, Father God. If you give me the chance, I, too, could hide under your big gown or do everything possible and go to heaven just like that. People will be very desperate on that day for which they would want to do anything to escape hell and enter heaven.

Please be extra smart, Father God. Of course, this extra smartness should be for my friends and other rotten people, but not really for me. I am your little child who is trying to bring certain things to your attention. Ehn da true, Father God?

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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