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You in the photo?

President George Manneh Weah for the first time publicly responds to the politically-charged Liberian song, “Post for the photo” first made popular by Liberian musician Colorful, featuring Takun J, comedian KpokoloKpakala, and others, saying “You are not in the photo because you are not prepared for the photo.”

Liberian musician and politician Jonathan Koffa, a.k.aTakun J, recently told New Dawn’s Culture & Entertainment that the song had been in studio for some time, but was released recently, immediately becoming a hit because of its political undertone and various shades of interpretations.

Ordinary Liberians in the streets of Monrovia have been giving their own interpretations with specific focus at the President’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change where huge disappointments exist over jobs with many partisans feeling left out and forgotten despite sacrifices made in bringing the party to power.

“Post for the photo” is the original version, but President Weah discloses that he personally wrote a remix of the song titled “Selfi” produced by United States-based Liberian musicians D 12, DENG and otherswhich is an apparent response to the original version by Colorful.
“I wrote the song because I love it; it has become one of the best songs in Liberia”, President Weah disclosed recently while addressing worshippers at the Georgia Patten Memorial United Methodist along UN Drive, Monrovia.

The church is where the President’s late mother Ma ForkyKlonJlaleh worshipped and held membership up to her demise. He has constructed a family church named ForkyKlonJlaleh Family Fellowship Church in her memory.

However, referring to the original, “Post for the photo” which has gone viral here, President Weah says, “in life, when you have a team, stay with that team. When you’re in one political party, stay with the party.” He warns his officials to understand they have unfailing obligations to serve the nation and its people diligently and faithfully.

He explains, “Selfi is sand and to be in the selfi, you have to post, so if you don’t see yourself in the picture that means you’re going from one studio to another.”
But critics say the statement could be referring to the ruling CDC, where most politicians from other parties have crossed over, seeking greener pastures. Story by Jonathan Browne

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