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Your Answer to Most of Your Life’s Problems

Get to understand who you are; ask for guidance and direction as well as Seek useful information. You will also have to be disciplined. Ask for help, you cannot do it alone. Never give up because it you and only you that holds your destiny. And if you are a religious person ask God for guidance and direction.

The Business World – Your Answer to Most of Your Life’s Problems


In time past Liberians looked at business as a totally different world in which they do not belong. The saw it as something they cannot be engaged into-something only belonging to foreigners or to a very few. Others also saw it as something they could be engaged in, only to supplement their family income while they are seeking employment or that they are already employed with government, companies, etc. Business wasn’t looked at, by many Liberians, as an employment, profession or occupation. And of course it is. But thanks to those Liberians who are waking up to a whole new world of business in Liberia and are taking advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Those whom have grasped the vision, that indeed everyone can be a business owner are moving on. The business world, of course, has an exciting rewards and it can be the answer to most of your life’s problem especially the financial ones. Through business, one can acquire the ability to become a key player in our societies or globally.

The traditional views of business I believe may be responsible for many people not taking advantage of the opportunity to get in to business for one reason or another. There are some who may have believed that you needed to have a business degree before you would be qualified to open your own business or you need money, or special skills and so on. This is not quite true. All that you need to begin your quest for getting into your own business is the desire. Desire has the power to cause your imagination to begin to expand and cause any person to become creative.

The key to business is being able to provide some product or service that will enhance or improve the quality of life for the people around you, or the people somewhere around the world. So it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do, as long as you are providing something that people need and want, then you have everything necessary to go into business. The key here is this ‘’if you give enough people what they want, then you will always get what you want’’.

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Again, at this point one can see that everyone has the ability to own his or her own business. You have been blessed with gifts and abilities and all that you have can be organize into a worthwhile operation, which can bring profit to you. With desire, you will begin to discover some of the most exciting possibilities that are available to you. Everyone can become a business owner including you, and the only thing between you and your dream is you not money or opportunity or whatever other excuses that you might decide to come up with.

So then what is business involved with? Business involves a solution of a problem in order to achieve a result. This then requires the provision of a service that has to be paid for as a good business must generate some profit. The interesting scenario is that life will always be full of problems that require solutions and as you have a solution to someone else’s problem you are into business already. All you need to do is to identify the problem and provide the solution.

For example, there were some here in Liberia that had the problem of earning an income, starting up small businesses to take care of their daily needs including feeding as well as some who needed funds to start up some other businesses or to keep up their excitement but did not have the opportunity, financial means or scales to invest the little funds available to them. And so our good friends at Premier Betting are giving Liberians the opportunity to become self-employed sales agents at ZERO cost. They are providing Liberians with exciting new opportunities and are changing the face of lottery in Liberia one person at a time and are putting smiles on the faces of many that are taking the advantage of the many opportunities that they offers. All they ask in return for providing you with the training and equipment is your hard work and loyalty. They may only have been trading in Liberia for a little over 6 months but already almost 200 Liberians have seized this opportunity and are earning strong commissions. But please, do not just take my word for it, ask their agents. For those of you that do not know them and the opportunities they are offering I encourage you to take advantage by seeking information from their offices on Randall Street, right by Sharp Showroom. When I heard of the exciting new opportunities they are offering I went there to their offices and did inquire and I was moved by the information I gathered.

Therefore, I have included them in this article because their work supports my first article that you can do business or get self-employed as well as earn an income with just little or no amount but only your human effort, coupled with your hard work, loyalty and determination. Their work, however, supports the premise that it is the small business and entrepreneur that will help re-build Liberia towards development and prosperity and this is true.

Preparing to venture into business
Before venturing into business you will need to do the following:

Get to understand who you are; ask for guidance and direction as well as Seek useful information. You will also have to be disciplined. Ask for help, you cannot do it alone. Never give up because it you and only you that holds your destiny. And if you are a religious person ask God for guidance and direction.

A very important part of your preparation is to have an answer for the below questions: Do you know yourself- who are you? How will do you really know yourself? What is your personality-your character? What is your life’s purpose? Do you have self awareness as well as take control of your life? Do you have self control-knowing how to react to situation? Having answers to the above questions would lay the platform for your venturing into business.

Self development also plays an important part in your venturing as well as staying on in business. And of course in your self-developmental process, who you are has to do with your self-awareness. Who do you want to be has to do with visioning. What do you need to be who you want to be deals with your needs or opportunities assessment. What traits do you currently possess is your benchmark number one. What do you need to add is your benchmark number two and of course what talents/hobbies you have that you can turn into business has to do with looking inward-assessing your gifting/talents the creator has given you.

To become a business owner and to stay on in business you will need to have traits of a mature self- actualizing person. With this you must accept reality and be facts friendly. You must be able to see through flattery, deception and must be able to cope with problems rather than avoid them. You will have to accept yourself and others as well as connect with people on the way to actualizing your vision, and to contribute to others too. You will not have to use people and will not have to judge others on the basis of stereotypes, like sex, age, race or religion. And lastly, you will need to have a strong sense of right and wrong.

Everyone has a talent that the world is waiting to be discovered and unleashed for full manifestation. Liberia, our country has vast potentials. What that is truly missing is developing those potentials. Once you discover your talent, and convert it into a business, life becomes more meaningful. Take a careful look at musicians, actors and actresses, comedians, they have all been able to discover their talents and have converted their talents into business that they are surviving by. Take a look at who you are and look inside. There is something that is on the inside of you, wanting to come on the outside for full manifestation-something that will get the world’s attention to you.

The key to success in business is the generation and management of information and there are two things that will help you in your life development process-the people you interact with and the books you read. Continuous education is also an important success factor in your business success. Added to the above is the knowledge of information technology–if you are not computer literate you simply cannot compete in the business of today.

There are many things that you will need to learn in business to become successful and this is my own expertise advice and should you need training, advice or consultation you can contact me on the below number or email address. First you will need to get a professional(s) to do a feasibility study and draw up a business plan for you. You can get to banks to finance your business if they think the business is viable and you will really need to be discipline as you will need to be involved in proper advertising, budgeting and strategy.


In conclusion, the people in business deserve the highest honor and reward form the society because they are the people who are responsible for every aspect of life that we all enjoy. For example, we are all grateful to the inventor and manufacture of electricity and bulbs for the product that we have to provide us with light when it is dark. There are so many other business people involved with getting a product like the light bulb and electric generating sets to us who are the end users. There are many other products and services that we have and enjoy because of the creativity and determination of those in business.

Just think about this for a few minutes. Who are the real players in the business world that affect our lives on a daily basis? These include the food stores, the drinking water manufacture, the bread factory, the car dealer, the tire shop, the pencil, pen and paper, producers and dealers. The list could go on to infinity.

These are just a few of the businesses that each of us experience on a daily basis. If one is able to closely observe the above examples, then it will be easy to see and understand that the whole world is just about business. Business is life and life is business. There isn’t anything that does not involve the process or the concepts of business.

However, there is no free launch. You will only get out of life what you demand form life. Whatever you believe will happen. If you believe that you can never become a business owner then you will never become a business owner. If you believe that you will never become rich because nobody in your family has ever been rich then you will never become rich. But if you believe that all things are possible to them that believe, then everything you desire is possible and will happen for you only if you believe.

The greatest miracle of all is that your destiny, for the most part, rest with you. You are your own best friend or worst enemy. All of the wonderful things of this world are available to you, but only if you desire them and go after them to possess them. As it is said’’ you are the master of your own fate and the captain of your own ship’’.

So, as you read this article, it is important for you to know that what you do with the information that you are receiving will determine what your financial situation will become. Remember that time marches on and opportunity waits for no one. You are the only one who has the absolute power over what you do next, you and only you!

For example, during my first visit to Liberia in 2009 I conducted a study and found out that there are over twelve lucrative businesses one can get involve into. Liberia, our country is truly a virgin country when it comes to business and it is only those who look that will see the many opportunities that are around us. During my observations while on my first and second visits to Liberia there were many whom, I observed, have eyes but were very few among them that have eyes that could see the many opportunities for business in Liberia. This supports the reason while there are very few Liberians that are involved into business in Liberia today.

What is it that the foreigners and even aliens are seeing here in Liberia that we as Liberians are not seeing? I hear potential Liberians almost on a daily basis complaining about hardship in Liberia when there are opportunities everywhere around us. All you need to do is to open your eye and look. You will not see those opportunities until you look. Put on a new perspective. See things differently from others. Change your methods-your ways of doing things. Let your intention be cleared and your motives pure. The government will not do it for you neither your friends. You will have to do it yourself.

On a very serious note, I know of a few countries whose citizens are willing to even pay some extra amounts of money to Liberians in those countries only to have them brought here to Liberia so that they will takes advantage of the business opportunities available here in Liberia. This is true. And so why are you sleeping? Why are complaining? All you need to do is to look around and you will see endless opportunities available here in this Country. Put your brains to work.

Should you want to learn to develop your potentials as well as learn to have a new perspective and outlook on life, business and organization then, you will need to take advantage of our monthly seminars and workshops and should you need more information on our monthly seminars and workshops you can call or email us.

Lastly, am grateful to all those of you who called us as well as email us on our very first article. Your commendations are well received. It has encouraged as well as strengthened us to do more. Thank you for taking out time to call and write us. God bless you and should you want to learn to develop your potentials as well as want to learn to put on a new perspective, come and take advantage of our “I have A Dream and Gold in the Field Seminars and workshops”.

Watch out for our next article!
(Chealy Brown Dennis
is a strategic planner, leadership, Business and organizational development consultant and a certified leader and trainer with EQUIP, ANAG and Leadership Management Project Group, USA and Nigeria. He has founded and worked with several non-governmental organizations in and out of Liberia. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886264611)

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