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Youth & Sports Min. calls for global support

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaYouth and Sports Minister Eugene Nagbe is appealing for global support toward charting a new course for youth development in the World. Minister Nagbe said young people, whom he described as the “Forgotten Generation” in West Africa, have been hit hard by all the ills in society, stressing the need to re-orientate the methods being used to address the situation of young people in Liberia and the entire Mano river basin.

The Liberian Youth and Sports Minister was speaking during the Global Youth Policy Forum that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan between 28-30th October. It was jointly organized by UNDP, UNESCO, Council of Europe and the Office of the SG’s Envoy on Youth.

Addressing the Plenary Session through a video link set up by UNDP, Minister Nagbe urged participants to remember Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone as they battle the deadly Ebola virus that is currently ravaging their respective economies.

He informed the gathering that almost 65% of all Liberians are under 30 years old and an interesting statistic shows that most of those who have been killed by Ebola are young people. “Ebola has exacerbated an already dire situation, especially for young people. It is the same group of people who mostly lack access to basic health care, lack access to education, lack access to employment and other rudimentary social services” intimated Minister Nagbe.

Mr. Nagbe commended the UN family; UNICEF, UNFPA and UNDP for their support. He said the Ministry of Youth and Sports has received funding from UNFPA and UNICEF to train and empower young people to interact with their peers to try to break the transmission of Ebola by enhancing awareness on prevention.

“Ebola is ravaging our nations and we need help from all of our partners and all of the members of the comity of nations to help. Help must include support to our post-Ebola youth development plan as a fundamental step required to save a generation” Minister Nagbe concluded.

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