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Youth activist stresses primary education

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The founder and executive director of Sustainable Educational Initiative of Liberia (SEIL) urges Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) and students of the Harvest Christian Academy to focus more in molding the minds of primary students to give them a brighter future.

“In this light, one may ask why school is even important. School as we all may know, is an organized process of teaching and learning which takes place in a four wall and such process if properly done, delivers into education,” Nathan Gbelee explains.
He continues that a school ensures that students are equipped with knowledge of theories, facts, models, concepts and skills, noting that if all properly learnt, are potential tools in the hands of the possessor.

“On the other hand, education is much more powerful than school for it can happen anywhere and at anytime in fact, it is broader and deeper than schooling because it is changed based and about problem solving,” he adds.

Mr. Gbelee says it’s impossible for a building to last long when its foundation lacks solid concrete to support the structure, stressing that it is good and solid foundation that makes any building guaranteed.

The SEIF boss made the call while serving as guest speaker at the closing ceremony of the Harvest Christian Academy at ELWA Junction in Paynesville City.
He says less attention given to children in pre-school is the cause of the messy educational system in Liberia.

“Because of the low salaries school administrators paid their employees, they just go out there and collect any individual that is less busy or out of high school and put them into the classroom to handle the good future of these young generation, which is causing serious embarrassment not just for these kids and their future but also our beloved Motherland, Liberia.”

He calls on the school administration to do more in recruiting qualified staff with passion to educate the younger generation, if Liberia should remedy its messy education system to get on par with other African countries.

He frown on parents who are in the inhabit of only preparing their children early morning for school without checking their notebooks to see lessons from the previous school day, leaving the rest of the children’s future to teachers whether qualified or not.

“To the parent of these young kids, sometime you are the cause of your children’s poor future, all you do in the morning is to prepared your child or children for school but you don’t have time to go over the child’s notes after he or she has returned from school. Whether the school your child or children attending have qualified teachers or not, it’s not your business, forgetting to know that tomorrow you the parents will take the insults if your child or children don’t present themselves well in the outside world,” Mr. Gbelee cautions.
He then promises to form a debate club for the school and train the top three students with the highest grade averages to work with his NGO, Sustainable Educational Initiative Incorporated and provide basic school materials for them.
During the weekend, Mr. Gbelee also served as guest speaker at the Destiny Christian High school, reiterating the same message to parents to prioritize their children’s education.
Earlier, the principle of the Harvest Christian Academy Mr. Ee Seokin Nyannankpe thanked the student body and parents for their level of cooperation in achieving a successful academic year.
By Ben P. Wesee– Editing by Jonathan Browne

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