Youth advocate blasts politicians

A youth advocate Alexander Richards Martin has blasted Liberian politicians, suggesting that they should not be trusted with state power because of their inconsistency. He made the assertions on Monday, 26 June when he addressed the 44th graduation exercise of the Sister Henry Dennis Memorial Institute in Lower Johnsonville Township, outside Monrovia.

Basing his speech on “Four Reasons Why You Not Trust Politicians”, Mr. Martin claims that politicians here are not development oriented and lack the ability to change the people’s living standards in term of job creation, poverty reduction and education enhancement.

Mr. Martin alleges that those seeking state power are associated with “human blood”, expressing hope that God will prevent them from becoming president of the country.
He strongly warns the graduates, most of whom appear to be potential first time voters for the October elections not to be carried away by the lies and deceptions of so-called politicians who only want to be president at the detriment of the suffering and poverty – striking population.

He blames politicians for the bad state of the country’s economy due to their alleged continuous greed and selfish interest, saying they want everything for themselves while leaving the people in acute poverty and disease.
Mr. Martin uses the occasion to caution parents here not to compel their children to vote for failed politicians on grounds that they have nothing in them that the country and its people can depend on.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the School Board Mrs. Winifred Jackson – Cooper says the time has come for the youthful population of the country to make maximum use of the 2017 president and representative elections to weed out individuals she refers to as “Pocket Politicians.”
57 students of the institution were awarded certificates while few were given special honors for their academic excellence during the school year.
–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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