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Youth group honors Bong Lawmaker

Bong County Representative Prince Kemue Moye, has been flowered by the Kabah Youth for Progress and Development for his high level of contribution to youth empowerment and development.

Making the presentation on behalf of his colleagues in the office of Rep. Moye on Wednesday, 19 July in Monrovia, Alex Flomo says the contribution of the Bong County lawmaker is beyond his electoral district and his county.

Flomo says Rep. Moye’s contributions to youth development have given reasons for young people to suggest that his representation is a clear indication that the youth should be given more opportunities for transformation.

Rep. Moye had earlier received a certificate of honor from Anti-Crime Activist–Liberia.Ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections in the country, the Jorquelleh District# 2 Bong County Representative Moye has been named and certificated as Humanitarian Lawmaker 2016/2017 by the Anti Crime Activist (ACA) Liberia.

According to ACA Executive Director, E.K. Nana Lartey, the group has selected Rep. Moye based on his performance and continued support to all Liberians.“We are not here to honor people for cash but we have been following you on a daily basis. Your eloquent way of speaking for all Liberians is a clear example,” the ACA –Liberia boss adds.

Mr. Lartey further notes that the award presented to Rep. Moye was never done under any influence. Instead, he says the group has over the year followed activities of the Bong County lawmaker who has gained respect among his fellow legislators on Capitol Hill due to his humble nature.

Mr. Lartey also indicates that Rep. Moye is among lawmakers, who are fearless and consistent in pushing arguments that are purely in the interest of the vast major of Liberians.

The ACA – Liberia Executive Director also mentions that Rep. Moye is tolerant to critics, who always fight to damage his hard earned reputation. He also describes Rep. Moye as somebody who always fights to protect freedom of the press and the rule of law.

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“The motive of the Anti Crime Activist (ACA) Liberia is giving you your flowers while you are still alive; not when you are dead. Your recent promotion among your colleagues as Chairman on Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning is clear manifestation of your humble nature,” Nana Lartey stresses. Meanwhile, Rep. Moye has expressed his appreciation to the group for reorganizing his little effort toward humanity.

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