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Youth Leader Indicts County Official

The ousted youth leader of Yellequelleh District in Bong County has blamed Bong County Inspector William Kollie for instigating the vote of no confidence passed by his colleagues of the district. Mr. Joseph Bemah said the rebellion against him stemmed from his refusal to support the political interest of Mr. Kollie for the 2014 special senatorial election.

He said he was asked by the County Inspector to support the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Operations, Ranney Jackson who had contested the post in two different elections (2005 and 2011) and miserably failed.

Mr. Bemah said Kollie became insecure of his presence in the district as a youth leader, expressing the belief that by instigating confusion for his removal would be the best way to also pave the way for his 2017 representative bid in the district.

Bemah noted that why it was true that elections are to be held for the post, there was also a need for the endorsement of the constitution by some youths of the clans in the District- something he said costs a little over thirty nine thousand Liberian dollars to be raised by the organization.

He urged those who are not informed about the working of the Yellequelleh youth organization to sit on the fence and leave them do the good work of the young people and stop politicizing their activities.

Attempts to contact the Bong County Inspector were not successful as his telephone was at a switch-off when contacted for three days. He reported to be out of the city of Gbarnga on official mission.

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