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Youth leaders blame DEA, Police for rampant ghettos, crimes

A famous African parlance says, “Lion and deer cannot dwell under one roof”, because a lion is not only fearful, but omnivorous, often killing other animals for meals. Hence, deer and other animals are not lion’s confidants because their safety is not guarantee.

Similarly, a community where police officers and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents are deployed should be “No-go-zone” for illicit drug dealers, users, and criminals, but in Liberia, all seems to flock together, as the Press and Propaganda Officer for the Concern Youth Alliance of Montserrado County district#3 bemoans.
Hamilton Togbay says it is a waste of taxpayers’ money by national government to support both police and DEA officers assigned in his district because their presence there does not guarantee residents safety; rather, it encourages illicit drug addicts and criminals to terrorize peaceful citizens on a daily basis.

“Mainly where DEA officers are, there should be no ghetto and criminals, but opposite Pipeline’s Super Market, where DEA office is located, one ghetto is opposite it and the DEA officers are in cohort with the ghetto boys to snatch pedestrians’, passengers’ cell phones, money and other valuable items at night hours”, he laments.
He says the presence of both the police and the DEA is polluting minds of youths of the district, explaining that on several occasions, police had been on the scene and ghetto boys snatched pedestrians’ and passengers’ cell phones, while the police failed to rescue the victims but negotiate with the criminals to share booty from the crime.

In a discouraged tone, Hamilton continues that as a result of several ghettos being in the district, armed robbers assail citizens regularly and go with impunity because police officers and DEA officers who are direct representation of national government dine and wine with ghetto boys and illicit drug dealers and users.
He says it is regrettable for DEA officers and police officers to be confidants of ghetto dwellers and illegal drug dealers and users, a situation he describes as annoyance and inflammable.

The CYA Press and Propaganda Officer notes that District#3 residents are calling on national government to immediately deploy a new batch of police officers and DEA agents to the district and reassign those currently there because they are in cohort with criminals, drug dealers, users, and ghetto’s boys, causing trauma for peaceful citizens.

Also speaking, the district’s Youth Advocate, Samuel C. Sheriff, confirms there are rampant users and dealers of illegal drugs in the district, adding that District Three has 11 communities and each of the has over five ghettos.

He laments that as a result, the district lacks freedom of movement both in the day and night, observing that in the presence of police officers and DEA agents, criminals and ghetto boys are comfortable to terrorizing passengers, pedestrians and peaceful citizens without security officers’ intervention.

When contacted, Pipeline’s DEA office Commander, Andrew G. Nimely, declines to comment on the issues raised by the youth leaders until he could attend a meeting scheduled at the DEA head office in Fiamah Community, Monrovia.

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By Ojuku Silver-tongue Kangar, Jr. (Intern)-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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