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Rural News

Youths Rampage In Cestos

Youths, including students of the Government Central Primary School in Cestos, Rivercess County have gone on the rampage, demanding the whereabouts of their teacher, Anthony Zokor. According to our correspondent, Zokor, who lived in Kpaqueh Town, Yarnee District across the Cestos River went missing on 18 June and has not been found.

But his belongings (clothes) were allegedly found with one Samuel Gbassagee’s children, thus generating alarm in Cestos. Though, police in the county have made any arrest, youths and other people took to the streets, sparking concerns among the local population. At the same time, Gbassagee is reportedly being held hostage by protesting youths of Kpaqueh Town, having been accused for the disappearance of the victim.

Meanwhile, the head of Rivercess County’s Teachers Association, Susanna Richards, has called on all teachers in the county to ground their tools in solidarity with their colleague (Anthony Zokor). Madam Richards is also demanding that the missing teacher be brought back alive within 48 hours or else, classes will remain closed at all schools in Cestos.

However, Superintendent Wellington Geevon Smith said the youths and students, who went on the rampage on Tuesday in Cestos should not be blamed because they are hurt over the reported missing teacher.

Superintendent Geevon Smith has instructed the county’s attorney to make sure the perpetrator(s) are brought to justice. He also disclosed plan to hold a mass meeting today, Wednesday in Cestos with youths and students in area. Teacher Anthony has been the third person to have gone missing in June in Cestos.

Early this month, his wife and two others went missing. The woman was found later, but became speechless since then and is at a local Church in the area, seeking spiritual healing.

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