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Zogoe man receives transformation

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A Liberian man known as Momo Kamara who had been part of a group of less fortunate folks known here as zogoes, says he is happy that God has transformed his life from being a zogoe to an owner of a commercial motorbike. As zogoes do, Momo says he was one of those loading commercial vehicles on Broad Street in Monrovia, saying he is happy that he has now graduated from that.

Mr. Momo made the revelation to reporters during a recent interaction with reporters on Center Street where he had gone to receive his share of free hot meal being distributed by Mr. Shri Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jetty), the Indian Counsel General to Liberia to less fortunate folks.Kamara says he saved money he generated from loading of cars to purchase a motorbike for himself.

The 23 – year – old man explains that he has been loading cars for the past ten years to sustain himself because, but he has now decided to quit his bad social habit that dragged him into a street life.

According to him, he is now using the motorbike for commercial purposes to generate money to settle down and go into worthy ventures that will better improve his living standard. Many of his colleagues who were on Center Street to receive food jubilated when Kamara officially presented the motorbike to Liberia Mr. Jeety who he considers as his father because of what the Indian businessman is doing for less fortunate Liberians.

Mr. Jeety who himself is encouraged by the determination of Kamara, urges the transformed young man to remain focused and desist from habits that once made him to be wayward.
The Indian Envoy also appeals to other less fortunate Liberians (Zogoes) to emulate the wonderful example of Karama who has decided not only to be a changed person, but be a productive individual.

In a related development, the Indian Counsel General has fulfilled his promise to recondition the roof of the Pennoh Building on Center Street that is hosting hundreds of wayward Liberians.

The condition of the building is deplorable and the building leaks profusely, making most of those sleeping in there to get sick. Apart from males, the Pennoh Building also hosts at least 40 females, some of whom are pregnant and are being catered to by the Indian Counsel General to Liberia, Mr. Jeety.

By Emmanuel Mondaye –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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