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Cummings campaign reaches out to Districts #8 & 17

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, hit the streets again on Thursday, August 31, in his untiring door-to/door campaign marathon. This time, he massively stormed District #8 in Sinkor, and District #17, in Brewerville, Montserrado County.

Cummings, accompanied by District #8, Representative Aspirant, Mr. Rufus Neufville, and hundreds of partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers, converged at 12th Street Sinkor, walked through the streets to the Nancy B. Doe Market, Plumkor, Saye and Jallah Town, behind the University of Liberia’s campus, to Camp Johnson Road, Clay Street and to the Rally Time Market on UN Drive, Monrovia.

The Cummings campaign trail gained greater momentum, with supporters and sympathizers from the various communities adding up the numbers, which caused serious traffic jams along the way, with motorists honking and supporters chanting slogans, especially “Cummings is the man we want.”

“The CPP grassroots Campaign strategy, going door to door, street-to-street, business-to-business, distributing posters, meeting and greeting citizens, has increased Cummings’ popularity and also heightened public concerns about what the mental and physical fitness of Liberia’s next President should be”, Mr. Momo Johnson, a community dweller said.

Hundreds of residents in the various communities rushed to get a glimpse of Cummings, shook his hands, interacted with him, and marveled at the much-talk-about politician who has vowed to change the system. His commitment to break away from the centuries-old ways of doing things that have retarded national progress, and subjected the vast majority to extreme suffering and poverty is unparallel. At 176 years old, Liberia is without safe drinking water, no reliable electricity, poor health care service, messy educational system and ranked as the 10th poorest nation in the world, despite its vast natural resources including gold, diamond, iron ore, rubber, and bauxite.

Embracing Cummings was very evident in the markets, where he was met by hundreds of cheering marketers, predominantly women, who welcomed him and reaffirmed their support to his Presidential bid come October 10. They also extended appreciation to Mr. Cummings for his promised $20M empowerment program for market women, youths and small businesses.

The CPP Standard Bearer later proceeded to other slum communities behind the Antionette Tubman Stadium where he concluded his visit, and extended thanks and appreciation to partisans, supporters, sympathizers, and well-wishers who accompanied him on the four-hour visit to District #8, Montserrado County.

Cummings has promised to fix the deplorable road conditions, revamp the ailing economy, overhaul the country’s weak judicial system to attract, foreign direct investments for massive job creation, and restore basic social services, aimed at reducing poverty and extreme suffering.

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He has also promised to begin rolling out U$20 million loan scheme within the first one hundred days of his administration, for Liberian entrepreneurs including market women, intended to create a strong private sector owned and controlled by Liberians.

Following the District #8 tour, the CPP Standard Bearer moved to District #17  in Brewerville, a predominantly Congo settlement, whose demographic has changed, now densely populated with youths.

Cummings was greeted with rousing welcomes, in each of the communities visited, and youths chanted slogans of support and solidarity for the Collaborating Political Parties.

The CPP Standard Bearer is poised to visit the 17 Political Districts within Montserrado County ahead of the October 10, poll.

Montserrado County has the highest number of registered voters, followed by Nimba, Bong, Lofa, and Grand Bassa Counties, according to the National Elections Commission.

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