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Accountability Lab Civil Voter Education in Sketches

Accountability Lab Civil Voter Education in Sketches

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  1. “Concede” was a better interest. His interest was more in his sport his pulpit call to preaching the gospel. Those undecided still should also follow with a choice. The church the state or none.

  2. The power of the ballot box brings peace to Liberia. The separation of the church and the state has finally been instilled. We must now encourage rich vote counties to be in the lead of peace, prosperity and tranquility. We must not forget that the power of the ballot box is Liberia’s destiny and way to transformation and democracy. This Republic when transformed should never any more violate the concept of solution for our human rights; that the right to vote and not to vote is the bridge to unify our differences. We must avoid confusion and concupiscence. Never ever should we again fight a war of greed for wealth and power. We await tabulated results, certification, and announcement from NEC’s Chair with full protection as a nation.

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