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District Commissioner quarantined in Bong

The Commissioner of Fuamah District in Bong County has blamed the rapid spread of the Ebola virus in the district to denial of citizens. Commissioner Hampton Giddings told our Bong County correspondent Thursday that the people of the district were in the constant habit of denying the existence of Ebola- something, he said, was responsible for the rapid spread of the disease in the district.

Commissioner Giddings, who is currently under quarantine after coming in contact with a suspected Ebola patient, said if the rapid spread of the disease in the district must stop, citizens must begin preventing themselves from the virus and take it seriously. The Commissioner said Ebola was real, and as such, citizens must avoid doubting its existence.

Mr. Hampton Giddings said despite the many awareness massages on Ebola by the government and partners, the people of the district were still denying the existence of the virus. He noted that the district faces many challenges, including logistics.

CJPS distributes anti-Ebola materials in Bong

The Center for Justice and Peace Studies or CJPS has presented buckets and disinfectants to over twenty towns and villages in Bong County. Speaking to our Bong County correspondent after the presentation last weekend, CJPS Bong County coordinator Marlin Jao said it was her institution’s way of identifying with the towns and villages during this Ebola outbreak.

Madam Jao added that it was time to join ranks with the government to fight the virus considering its inability to do it alone. The CJPS Bong County coordinator expressed her institution’s commitment to continuing its sensitization campaign against the virus to enlighten the minds of ordinary citizens.

God told our correspondent that the CJPS has always been involved with life-saving activities before the Ebola outbreak. She said the materials donated by the institution will bring relief to towns and villages that benefitted.

She said while it was true that some communities visited had some knowledge of the preventive measures, she also spotted living monkeys in some of the towns and villages in which the items were distributed. According to her, with villagers and others in towns still domesticating monkeys, it clearly states the level of efforts that needed to be exerted in the fight against the virus.

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