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Liberia is not a Test Tube for failed experiment

–President Weah descends on opposition

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

President George Manneh Weah has told his opponents that Liberia is not a Test Tube for failed experiments.

During a ‘Thank You’ program organized by his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Monday, 17 July 2023, Mr. Weah cautioned Liberians to reject failed politicians at the ballot this October.

He urged Liberians to rally around the CDC-led government for more developments.

He argued that his government has made more gains in the last five years, utilizing its time in office for unprecedented developments.

He added that his government has improved the livelihoods of the people, and the country is on an irreversible path under his leadership.

The incumbent told thousands of partisans that he is the most experienced and better-suited aspirant for the presidency than those battling him for the country’s highest seat.

He admonished his supporters to not be carried away by rhetoric from failed politicians with empty promises.

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“Don’t be carried away by these politicians who have given you nothing when they had 12 years in power,” said President Weah.

President Weah suggested that his opponents are jealous of the progress his government has made and so they are telling Liberians not to give the CDC government another six years.

He said his rivals’ fear that their 12 years in power will not be compared with the CDc’s 12 years.

According to him, his government has made glorious use of the opportunities it was given to serve the Liberian people.

He explained that in just under five years, the CDC government has achieved more developments and the nation is on an irreversible path of progress.

“Our government has not squandered opportunities that you’ve entrusted [to] us, and you can see the fruits of those developments which put our nation on an irreversible path of progress, touching every sector of our country,” said President Weah.

“Let us not be carried away by empty promises, let us not be tempted to drink the same old wine from the same old bottle,” Mr. Weah pleaded with his supporters.

Mr. Weah threw jibes at his main rival Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, calling him “Joseph the Sleeper, who did nothing when he served as Liberia’s Agriculture Minister, Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) Managing Director and Vice President.

Unlike Amb. Boakai, Mr. Weah explained that the Bible told a story of Joseph the Dream whose brothers sold him out of jealousy that he was destined to be greater than them in the future.

He said Joseph later triumph over his situation, got released from prison after interpreting the King’s dream, and then became the Prime Minister of Egypt.

“Joseph the Sleeper was Agriculture Minister, he planted no Rice here; Joseph the Sleeper was LPRC Managing Director and brought no gas here; Joseph the Sleeper even in our community he did nothing; Joseph the Sleeper is a parked old car,” said President Weah.

“So Joseph the Sleeper can not do anything for you because he has ideas when he was Vice President he was responsible for the Youth and did nothing for them, and is the same Joseph the Sleeper that is telling you to move someone who’s a Light. Don’t mind him,” he added.

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