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Methodist Bishop joins Jeety to distribute hot meal

-As Jeety shoulders blind man’s medical bill

The Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, Right Reverend Samuel J. Quire on Sunday, July 2, 2023 afternoon joined Indian businessman Upjit Singh Sachdeva to serve plates of hot, cooked meals to hundreds of less-privileged Liberians. 

The Methodist Bishop, who stood next to Mr. Sachdeva, more famously known in Liberia as “Mr. Jeety”, handed the plates over to Jeety, as Jeety fill them up with the famous Liberian jollof rice and pieces of fried chicken. 

More than 500 young and old Liberians, including women, were served from two tables, one of which was controlled by Jeety, Bishop Quire, and an assistant of the Bishop. 

Asked about how he felt joining Jeety to serve those Liberians, the United Methodist Clergyman said, “I lack words right now to really express how I feel. 

“I didn’t know that Jeety has been doing such a thing like this. He invited me sometime last week to come and join him serve food to less fortunate Liberians.”

“When I got here and saw the crowd, I became speechless,” the clergyman said.

He noted that he became very emotional seeing what the Indian businessman is doing for that group of Liberians. 

Bishop Quire said for Jeety, who is a businessman, to be doing humanitarian services of such it tells him that he loves the Liberian people. 

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He stated that on March 15, 2023, Jeety had told him, when they were celebrating Liberia’s first President’s 214th birthday, that he (Jeety) is a Liberian by heart and Indian by birth. 

He used the occasion to call on other businesspeople out there to emulate the good examples of Jeety in helping to provide some forms of amenities for underprivileged Liberians, who are within the vicinities of their business places. 

Since the Bishop praised Jeety for the good gesture, he also called on him to “teach” Liberians how to feed themselves.

“You know Jeety is building a factory in Weala. When that factory is completed, he is going to employ lots of Liberians.”

“So, we need to train our young people so that they will have jobs. So, it’s better to teach people how to feed themselves than to feed them,” Bishop Quire emphasized. 

Meanwhile, Jeety, who for more than two decades served in Liberia as the Honorary Consul General of his native India, once again stepped up his humanitarian gesture to another level. 

Nearly three weeks ago, a blind man, who is identified as “Gaddafi,” became a victim of a hit-and-run. 

Gaddafi had nowhere else to stay except for the Pelham Building on Center Street, where miscreants dwell.

Some of those tramps took him from the accident site and took him to the building and just dashed him there as he cried from the pain of broken bones. 

He was left abandoned by the vehicle driver/owner, who has never been identified yet. 

Because Gaddafi is one of those disadvantaged Liberians who Jeety pays attention to, the matter was brought to his attention, and he went to Pelham Building.

After seeing that the blind man was dying slowly, Mr. Jeety took him to Liberia’s biggest referral hospital—John Fitzgerald Kennedy Medical Center—where he underwent surgery to repair the damage to bones in his thigh, and hip, among others.

He is currently being treated with all expenses paid for by Jeety.

Gaddafi is a famous blind fellow, who usually sits before the Broad Street side of the Centennial Memorial Pavilion, to beg for alms from passersby.

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