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Our students can do better

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The Liberia National Office of the West African Examinations Council has released provisional results of the 2019 West African Senior School Certificate Examination or WASSCE for school candidates with this year’s performance of candidates rated high above the previous year.

This is welcome news, which indicates that Liberian students can ably write the regional examinations just as their colleagues in member countries, only if the requisite topics are taught by school authorities.

The Liberia National Office transitioned from the Liberia Senior High School Certificate Examination (LSHSCE) to WASSCE a year ago, making us the last country to get on par with the rest of the five Anglophone countries that make up the West African Examination Council or WAEC.

According to the Head of the Liberia National Office Dale Gboto, “the 2019 candidates performed better than their counterparts in 2018 in all nine subjects taken for WASSCE for the period 2018-2019.”

The results should instill confidence in both students and teachers across the country to remain restless until total excellence is achieved in our educational system.

We extend a very big thanks to the Minister of Education AnsuSonii, for vigorously initiating compulsory tutorial classes for all 12th graders across the country prior to the examination, which no doubt, helped in improvement of students’ performance.

Notwithstanding, we call on school authorities to establish standard science laboratories in their various institutions to adequately prepare students (12th graders) for the annual examination. This would also require employing qualified teachers and paying them well.

As a nation, it is not just enough to denigrate our students and make them feel inferior to basic academic works, especially the sciences. We must provide them learning materials and ensure they absolve their lessons by offering them tutorials.

Thump up to Head of Office Dale Gboto and his entire staff at WAEC for the progress thus far. Mr. Gboto braved the storms and advocated for Liberia to get on par with member countries by introducing the WASSCE, at a time many educational authorities in the country thought the was not right.

We believe sincerely if our students could do better in this year’s examination than last year’s, they can attain best and excellent in coming years to make the nation proud.

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