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Team Gongloe-MN makes huge donations

By Naneka A. Hoffman 

A conglomeration of Liberians living in Minnesota, USA, under the banner “Team Gongloe -MN,” has made a huge donation to its Liberian-based counterpart. 

The donation is in support of the presidential bid of Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe, a renowned Liberian human rights lawyer aspiring for the presidency.

On behalf of Team Gongloe-MN Dr. Sam G. Kpahn presented 10 sets of jerseys to the Gongloe campaign team in Liberia over the weekend.

Dr. Kpahn, who chairs the Board of Directors of Team Gonglose -MN, said the donation was part of efforts to support the human rights lawyer’s presidential bid.

He explained that during Cllr. Gongloe’s county tour, sportswear, particularly jerseys were the most requested item by young people across the country, something which prompted the donation.

According to Dr. Kpahn, addressing the needs of Liberian people in every aspect is the priority of Team Gongloe everywhere including its Minnesota chapter.

He explained that each set of jerseys has all components for both players and goalkeepers.

He added that previously, Team Gongloe-Minnisota mailed 2 vehicles, and several motorcycles to be used for campaign purposes. 

He detailed that the group is also responsible for raising funds to support the Cllr. Gongloe. 

Receiving the items, the Liberian People’s Party Standard Bearer Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe thanked the group for its continued and timely support of the fight for a better Liberia.

He called on every Liberian to join the fight if they want to see and live in a better and improved nation.

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