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The Consequences of Not Establishing A Special War Crime Court in Liberia (Part A)



The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Madam Aminata J. Mohammed, believes in the rule of law, irrespective of who, or what nations are involved. Madam Mohammed is carrying out her millstones and responsibilities in accordance with the law, and not by political emotionalism, or to support any special concernments in Liberia.

Political bookworm believes the Deputy-SG has no inclination against former President Sirleaf, Senator Prince Johnson, former LURD’s spoke person Justice Kabineh Ja’neh of the Supreme Court of Liberia nor the 16000 ex-rebel fighters presently roaming the countryside of Liberia. The Deputy-SG is simply promulgating to former President Sirleaf, Senator Johnson, Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, 16000 ex-rebel fighters and thousands of other Liberian war criminals that they are not above the law after accomplishing heinous atrocities in Liberia 16-years ago.

The Deputy-SG is circumlocutorily notifying the incumbent President Weah that the time has arrived for his government to invoke the TRC reports in according with the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement that was acceded upon with acquiescing of the Contact Group within the spirit of the Accra Peace Accord which was duly signed on August 18, 2003 in witnessed of the US, ECOWAS, AU, UN, France, Germany, Great Britain and Liberia.

Consequently, Madam Mohammed wasn’t the UN’s Deputy-Secretary General by the time the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed on August 18, 2003, but the UN’s array of records on Liberia may have certainly caught the undivided attention of the Deputy-SG that there are some dabbling gross human rights constituent issues hovering over Liberia with reference to the civil carnage that occurred 16-years ago, for which she is politically and legally obliged to remind the incumbent President Weah, since perhaps, he may be in denial. The awesome Liberian war criminals are in denial of the TRC’s reports from time immemorial. But unfortunately, the TRC has simply been lounging at the United Nations Headquarters, in New York, the USA awaiting its applicable moment.

No matter how long it would take, those appalling Liberian war criminals will one day be served justice sooner rather than later. Let it also be known that the TRC’s reports were the crux of the Accra Peace Accord that compelled the Contact Group to raise about 692 million US dollars for the full execution of the Accra Peace Agreement in Liberia. The question that arose: Should the 692 million raised by the then Contact Group be thrown into the ocean, because some war criminals want to invade justice at their own pace? Hell! No.

The Deputy-Secretary-General believes that there is a chief difference between peace coming to Liberia and sustaining the same peace in the midst of war criminals. Peace cannot be sustained in Liberia when terrible Liberian war criminals are still on the loose with impunity. The Deputy-SG is aware that the terrible Liberians war criminals want to circumvent justice and go with impunity on grounds that peace prevails in Liberia, which by all iota of convenience amount to political fallacy.

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It should be noted, however, that the same disastrous Liberian war criminals who masterminded the 16-years civil war in Liberia, are three-times likely to enforce another civil war if they are not pinfolded for what they did 16-years ago. Peace in Liberia is currently fragile and delusional.

Liberia is sitting on a time bomb, waiting to convulse at any time. It will be in the best interest of President Weah to capitulate the TRC reports to the Legislature and ensures that it becomes law without fear or favor. President Weah job is simply to transmit the TRC’s reports to the lawmakers for its legal enforcement. But President Weah’s inclination to shield former President Sirleaf, Senator Prince Johnson and thousands of others war criminals in Liberia could easily rebind on his watch when the international community endeavors to impose financial and travel sanctions on the Weah-led government.

President Weah should know that his faithful political allies like France, Italy, Morocco and Senegal will not condone terrible Liberian war criminals who killed over 15000 innocent people in the Liberian16-years civil wars to go with impunity when there are several mass graves littering all over Liberia with no justice for grieving families and their loved ones.

Liberia is one of the many strange nations on the face of the earth where fellow Liberians are celebrated for killing other Liberians in a 16-years brutal civil war in two ways: First, war criminals are being paid by Liberian taxpayers. Second, war perpetrators are awarded a so-called Veteran Affair Commission in government after killing so many innocent Liberians and non-Liberians, and are today referred to as so-called war veterans? What a shame and a disgrace in Liberia! The UN, ICC will need to rekindle their unflinching courage and ensure that a special court is established in Liberia now rather than later!!

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