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US$40,000 Clinic for Bong County

The Ngwayah’s family in Suakoko District, Bong County has announced the construction of a modern clinic in the town of Gbornokalansue.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony, Suakoko District Commissioner Claude Saul described the project as a blessing from God, stressing that the importance of constructing a clinic in Gbornokalansue could not be over-emphasized because a lot of people from adjacent towns and villages would have the opportunity to seek prompt medical attention instead of referring to the Phebe Hospital at the distance. 

The Commissioner commended the Ngwayah family, headed by Mr. Melvin Ngwayah, for such meaningful development for the people of their area.

He admonished citizens of the town and its surrounding towns and villages to join efforts until the conclusion of the clinic construction. He also described the construction of a clinic in Gbonorkalansue as a major relieve for county authorities after following several calls from citizens for the authorities to construct a health facility in the community.

He told the New Dawn-Liberia after the ground-breaking program that the man leading the clinic construction, Mr. Melvin Ngwayah, assured that he intends to create an environment wherein people of the community would have access to good health facilities.

Mr. Ngwayah is quoted as adding that it has been his dream to ensure that a clinic is built in his home land, emphasizing that his dream is to make the clinic one of the best health centers in the district with electricity. When asked as to whether such contribution had political motives, Mr. Ngwayah replied: “no.

I’m only doing this to help my people who have suffered for a very long time for health center. My mother was bitten by a poisonous snake after which she died because there was no health facility here; so with such in my mind, I need to show the people that I love them”.

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He commended partners in the United States for their support to the process, putting the cost of the project at US$40,000. Meanwhile, the County Health Team or CHT has endorsed the construction of clinic in Gbornokalansue.  CHT Administrator Fatorma Jusu promised the employment of trained health workers at the facility upon construction, describing the effort as a welcomed development.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, citizens of Gbonorkalansue and surrounding towns and villages celebrated through traditional dances and other cultural performances to express their gratitude to the Ngwayah family for the initiative.

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