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Weah to meet Biden

By Kruah Thompson

President George M. Weah is expected to officially meet United States President Joe Biden for the first time in Washington DC, nearly 5 years since his government came to power.

Liberia is considered one of US strongest allies and a visit to the White House by a sitting Liberian President reflects that relationship, but that is yet to be seen with the Weah administration.

Therefore, President Weah’s acceptance of the U.S. Government’s invitation to attend the Special African Leaders’ Summit in Washington, DC, this December has been viewed a beginning of progress.

“My good friend, Ambassador Michael McCarthy, please tell President Biden that I have officially accepted his invitation and in good faith, will be in the USA to represent my country, Liberia in December.”, President Weah assured the US Ambassador McCarthy, in response to the invite from President Biden.

President Weah responded Tuesday, July 26, 2022, during ceremony marking Liberia’s 175th independence celebrations, shortly after the US Ambassador to Liberia invited him via an official invite from President Joe Biden to attend a special African Summit in Washington, DC.

When he told the U.S. Ambassador to tell President Biden that he has officially accepted his request, the audience, who attended the Indoor ceremony at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in central Monrovia stood up in their numbers and applauded President Weah for his decision.

According to a report, the African leaders’ summit will be held in Washington, DC, from December 13-15, 2022, aimed at promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development across the continent, expanding capital flows, and promoting the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that is so prevalent across Africa.

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Analysts say the invitation has brought an end to the opposition’s claim that the Liberian leader cannot go to the United States for various reasons.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s 175th National Orator Mawine G. Diggs, has thanked President Weah for continually ensuring that women are seated at the table of leadership with a voice to transform the nation.

Madam Diggs announced on behalf of women in the country that President Weah has created a safe space for women in various sectors of the country.

“Today, as I stand in the shoes of great people, who came before me, I am also reminded that I am standing in place of all the women and girls across Liberia, who aspire to achieve greatness in the interest of Mama Liberia. “Women o-o-oh Women; Women o-o-oh Women; Our time is now”. She noted.

The Independence Orator continued that President George Manneh Weah is often heard saying that “Without Peace, Our World Would Be Difficult”, noting that for her, the statement always serves as a strong reminder of the importance of protecting peace as a nation, considering that twenty plus years after the end of the civil war, “We are still experiencing the after-effects in terms of lingering social and infrastructural deficits.”

She showcased and reinforced that Liberia has made enormous strides over the years, adding “We have now moved in the direction of overcoming the perils of the war, and the destruction it left in its track. I am sure some of us still remember the ethnic and political cleavages of the polarized nation we once had; one that valued identity over patriotism; and engaged in systemic exclusion and malfeasance.”

She however called on leadership in every sector, particularly colleagues in government to desist from romanticizing the genuine challenges the country faces.

“It is a known fact that these are inherited challenges but by assuming the roles we have today, we have each made a conscious choice to commit to alleviating these challenges in support of the President’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD). “

” Let us, therefore, desist from the desired attempts to show off our literary brilliance and instead act. Let us work for the people of Liberia “, Madam Diggs pleaded with her fellow compatriots.

According to her, such actions manifest in every sector, including respect for the rights of women. She further noted that Liberia is currently acclaimed for breaking the glass ceiling therefore, Liberians must continue to forge ahead and not pay lip-service or relegate. “That my fellow Liberians, would be a true travesty.”

Making a special statement at Liberia’s 175th Independence Day celebration, President George Weah urged all citizens

 to remove the illusion of disagreement and division, and to embrace unity, love, reconciliation, peace, stability, and nationalism.

President Weah: “Whether the Love of Liberty Brought us here or met us here, let the love of Liberty unite us here,” President Weah urged Liberians. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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