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13-yr-old Raped For Cup of Garie

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Police document in possession of this paper states that defendant Sam W. Garjay of Congo Town has allegedly raped a 13 year old girl in the Oldest Congo Town Community for a cup of garie (Farina) and L$10.00.

According to the police source, the victim’s aunty Mamie Nyangon had sent her to defendant Sam Garjay for a cup of garie (farina) when he allegedly raped her before giving her the garie and a L$10.00 to by sugar.

The Women and Children Protection Section or WACPS of the Liberia National Police says that the victim was raped according to medical report gathered from Duport Road Clinic. WACPS said there were bruises, fresh lacerations, and abrasion on the victim.

For his part, defendant Garjay, 21, was arrested and charged with statutory rape based on complaints filed against him by complainant Henry Tarr who is believed to be the victim’s father. Complainant Tarr, 33, told police investigation that his 13 year-old daughter was sexually abused (raped) on February 10, 2011, at 8:am in defendant Garjay’s room where she went to receive garie (farina) for her aunty Mamie Nyangon.

Police source stated that defendant Garjay has admitted raping (having sex with) the victim at the time she was sent by her aunty for garie. “He also admitted giving the victim the garie plus L$10.00 after having sex with her in order for her aunty Mamie to buy sugar, and the victim finally left,” police said.

Defendant Garjay was charged with the crime of statutory rape by the Women and Children Protection Section of the Liberian Police or LNP and sent to court at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

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