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A Commendable Action, Mr. Minister

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At an acquaintance meeting last Wednesday, February 24, 2016 with employees of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism or MICAT on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe left a landmark memory on the minds of his workforce not only by words, but deeds.

While the Civil Service Agency or CSA was in the process of rationalizing government’s payroll, Minister Nagbe told his employees that his administration would do all it can to dignify them through the enhancement of their welfare by increasing their wages.

As a first and major step towards this goal, the new Information Minister announced that all employees were effectively and immediately absorbed on the Ministry’s Special Allowance or S.P. scheme. And of course, such ‘breaking news’ was greeted by unending thunderous cheers and slogans, owing to the fact that it was the first time since the introduction of the SP in the government, that a Minister of Information could openly discuss such with his employees.

The Minister indicated that as a first step to solving the mountainous problems at MICAT, he had decided to ensure that 98 employees of the ministry, who did not benefit from Special Allowance, be absorbed. The Special Allowance is paid in United States dollars to complement the monthly low regular government’s salaries being paid to civil servants with the lowest being US$125.00.

Amidst continuous excitements among MICAT employees during last Wednesday’s acquaintance meeting, the minister expressed belief in the welfare of employees, emphasizing that he was of the fervent belief that interacting at the work place with ordinary employees, and that once everyone executes his/her functions diligently, his work would be made easier.

With all fairness, any rational person would hail Minister Nagbe for such major step in raising the hope of the MICAT employees, who have felt very marginalized for about ten years now since the administration of President Sirleaf introduced the SP as a way of complimenting their low monthly incomes.

By just opening up this Special Allowance scheme at MICAT – something that has never happened, Eugene Nagbe would be remembered by employees of the ministry. Now that the new minister has taken the lead towards dignifying the workforce at MICAT by giving all employees ‘SP’ with the least at US$125.00, it is also now incumbent on employees of the ministry to appreciate and justify such positive action taken by the new minister.

Such justification would entail exhibiting the highest degree of responsibility and productivity in the execution of their respective duties and functions. Committing and dedicating themselves to the foregoing would further encourage the new MICAT administration to even ‘bend backward’ to ensure that they are more and better dignified.

While there may be issues such as logistics and other professional working equipment, we urge employees of the ministry to be little bid patient as Minister Nagbe strives to professionally capacitate them as a way of facilitating the execution of their functions.


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