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A Vision for Liberia And Her Leaders – Part 2

The dominating answer from many Liberians in my just ended study on whether Liberia, as a country, can become a leader and a success story for freedom, economic growth, development, good governance and democracy in Africa has been “no.” Many think it is impossible and there are many more who say Liberia can never take on such role within the African Continent.

When asked what their reasons were some said that from independence up until now many of Liberia’s leaders have failed to demonstrate true and quality leadership, but a few but significant numbers said our leaders have been selfish from the beginning and have never had this country at heart and that many of them lacked vision. But what I sensed from many of the respondents was that almost all of them do not see the big picture. They dwell much on Liberia’s past than its future. My question was “can Liberia become and not why Liberia did or has not become.”

Their dominating answer, I believe, is also the general perception of many in Liberia as they do not yet understand that Liberia has great potentials and that those potentials can be developed. Many in Liberia have not put on the power of a positive mental attitude. However, from my observation, I have found the thoughts and perceptions of many in Liberia have been so clouded by impossibility thinking so much so that things which seemed possible are looked at by them as being impossible. We dwell too much on the past instead of the present and/or the future.

It baffles me when I hear Liberians make negative statements about Liberia and think Liberia, as a country, is under a course that she cannot surpass other nations within the African Continent. Friend, Liberia can surpass other nations and become first in Africa. It is not impossible.

I want you to know that where there is a WILL there will always be a WAY and so when we think impossibility we shut the doors of opportunities around us, but when we think possibility we open up a whole new world of opportunities. Possibility thinking makes us to always see the big picture and to always have it in mind. What then is the big picture? It is seeing where you are now and where you want to be tomorrow.

Even though Liberia had been cast adrift, with few prospects and little hope, there is still a better future for this GREAT country of ours. There is only one thing we need to do now: Work ourselves out of our horrible situation. We do not need to give up hope or think others will do it for us if we cannot do it ourselves. Building this country does not rest on one person, a group or a political party. It will take the combine efforts of each and every Liberian to rebuild this country and to make it a better place for all. Keep destroying Liberia for you have no other country but Liberia. Keep going ahead with your plot and wicket scheme against Liberia and tomorrow you will have no where to call home if Liberia is no more. Liberians, let us think twice.

Fellow Liberians we need to keep wrestling with our problem until we have a plan. We must know and believe that a turnaround is possible, but it would take a generation to do it. And so it amazes me when I see people wanting good times within such a short period after a destruction of over 14 years.

We must have a goal to create first world conditions in a third world country. And I want to offer our government some advice on how it can be done: First, our government needs to bring in industries so that many low skilled workers would be employed. Second, create public housing so that people’s living condition will improve and that they will be inspired. By this people would move into better housing, but they would pay for it. Third, send people to school, for the only way a country can improve is for the people to improve themselves. Make education affordable for everyone. Fourth, set up a banking system as the goal would be nothing short of making Liberia the financial center of Africa. Fifth, encourage international travel so that Liberia would become a business and tourist destination with a world-class airport.

Such a goal is lofty and plan is ambitious. As we seek help from the United Nations and other countries, things wouldn’t go smoothly at first. But we, as a people and country will need to persevere. I would suggest that we take loans from the World Bank – for grants will not develop Liberia – and then bring in experts from around the world to help us. We need to carefully, select representatives from countries who lead in their fields to help us set up factories, banking and finance, first class education, a well train army, etc. We also need to seek assistance from countries that could help us by bringing in more companies.

I can assure our government and people that as we go through these transitions Liberia will be better off and would take up leadership role as well. Wake up Liberians and let’s think together for the future of this country.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a motivational speaker and offers training in leadership and organizational development; strategic planning, wealth creation and team building and management and offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776-545-394)

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