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ANC, CECAS in ‘2017’ Merger

As the presidential and Representative elections draw closure, many politicians and political parties are envisaging the best possible options to win the nation’s highest seats. The National Election commission or NEC has scheduled the poll for October 2017 -something prompting many high profile individuals to express interests in vying for the Presidency and House of Representatives in Liberia Speaking recently in Monrovia in at a news conference, the National Chairman of the Alternative National Congress or ANC, Mr. Lafayette E. O. Gould, said his party was excited to received a huge number of Liberians to join ranks with the ANC to improve the country after 2017.

“We are not surprise that they have come and chosen the ANC to partner; we build an institution around set of ideas and individuals, and today that has attracted them, and we hope they will go forth and be disciples for this course,” said Chairman Gould.

“It is often said that if the holiday will be good, one tells it from the eve. We at the ANC will waste no time in having you as our partner, and we will give you all the necessary documents that are needed,” he indicated to officials and members of the Center for Campaign Strategies or CECAS.

The Chairman of CECAS, Mr. Patrick Y. Moore, said the purpose of merging with the Alternative National Congress was simple – the anticipated better representation in the upcoming Presidential and Representative elections.

“Let’s go back in the 2005 election where I supported Dr. Togpa Nah Tipoteh; I was a member of the Liberia People’s Party, and the LPP merged with another party to form the Alliance for Peace and Democracy or APD,” he noted.

“I was on the campaign team that campaigned for Dr. Topka Nah Tipoteh, but he did not make it and he asked us to join force with the CDC which we did before Madam Sirleaf came to power,” Mr. Moore said. According to him, recently the ‘Wave of Cummings’ invited his organization to do political business because, he said, they were ‘political people’. “We are soldiers; when we sat with the ‘Wave of Cummings’ and realized that we all had the same objective – that is to take this country from one point to the next,” he said.

Meanwhile, the National Chairman of the ‘Wave of Cummings’, Mr. Justin P. Zigbuo, has asserted that for Liberia to progress to the next stage, the need for a central point individual to gather the minds of Liberians cannot be over-emphasized.

He said it must be a person that must create entrepreneurs, as well as the atmosphere to attract reputable international investors to come to Liberia for durable investment. Mr. Zigbuo further explained that Liberia has all of the necessary resources a country needs to be developed, but the problem was the lack of proper management.

According to him, with experience and understanding of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Liberians can be assured of proper management of the country’s resources for their betterment.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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