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Aqua Life Accused

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A Resident of Lower Brewerville has strongly accused a local Mineral water Company in Monrovia, Aqua Life, of selling contaminated water to him and his family. Mr. Amara Kromah, an employee of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, said his kids and wife have fallen ill since they purchased and drank the product on March 30, 2013.

Displaying the bags of aqua life mineral water with particles at the office of the New Dawn, Amara accused aqua life of bad business practices in Liberia, noting that he purchased a few bags of aqua life water from a local retailer shop in his community  without noticing the dirt until the first three bags  were drunk by his kids and wife before realizing  that it was contaminated.

“I thought the drinking glass, but when I took the other bags and saw the particles in the water, that’s when I got to know,” he explained. He also accused the company of using unclean well-water from wherever in various environments to sell to their customer around the country.

He explained that upon noticing the contaminated water, he immediately called the management of the company, and the management dispatched an agent to replace the water with a sack of water which contained more than twenty bags of water-something he rejected, insisting that he was not compromising the health  of his family.

“he asked that he buys the contaminated water US$100m, but I said no after I thought on my family illness,” he explained.

The Aqua life Company could not answer any of this paper’s calls when contacted, but on response to a text message, the company immediately replied: “ It is like New Dawn and that Amara man are less busy to follow aqua life; do you think New Dawn and Amara can publish anything about this big company and Liberians believe it?

We are too big for just one man or one newspaper to fight us, but we are also preparing for anybody as well- foolish people and paid journalists,” he said and hang off air. The numbers contacted were 0886757470 and 0886566383, and believed to be the official numbers on the company.

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