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Big-Time Miss Liberia – Cletus Sieh Promises

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia“Yes, indeed there would be Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant this year, but it will really be different and up to date – I mean absolutely big-time Miss Liberia as compare to previous ones,” Information Minister Cletus Sieh disclosed.


Ms Shu-rina Wiah – Miss 2008/2009

Minister Sieh made the assertion on Wednesday of the week in Monrovia when he spoke with New Dawn Entertainment.

According to him, the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism or MICAT was exerting all efforts within its reach to make available to the Liberian people an unforgettable Miss Liberia 2010.

The impression he gave the New Dawn interview was that unlike past and present winners of the pageant, the 2010 Miss Liberia needs not to worry about receiving prizes and other basic humanities as the queen of Liberia.

He spoke of complains by past and present queens (Miss Liberia) about the failure of organizers meet up with promises and other obligations regarding prizes and basic humanities promised them.

“The complaints have been forth coming-they cried of being embittered, given the fact that they were yet to received what were promised them by the organizers as they went into the previous pageant, we will ensure that winners emerging from successive events received their just prizes or benefits, ” Minister Sieh pointed out.

He named monthly stipends, a well furnished office, and regular supply of petroleum or diesel for a queen’s vehicle and preparation of the individual queens for Miss World Beauty Pageant as the major concerns presented to the Ministry, but also noted that the 2010 Miss Liberia would not be faced with such constrains.

“We are not satisfied with the level of complains that have come out of the other pageants that had earlier been held, so we want to make sure that people are satisfied,” Minister Sieh stressed.

He said as a result, he has set up a committee headed by Minister Scholastical Doe, Assistant Minister of tourism, and Minister Jeromelik Piah Assistant Minister for Public Affairs, among others.

With such committee, he said, he was over confident that his Ministry would play a very active role in organizing the event and its awards to emerging winners.

However, he did not disclose the actual date of Liberia’s most prestigious pageant this year, but said the committee would today make its report to him to start work.

It can be recalled that immediately after the Barkue Tubman’s Miss Boss Lady organized Miss Liberia in May of 2009, former Information Minister Dr. Laurence K. Bropleh ordered that all other Miss Liberia beauty pageants would be under the auspices of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

Sponsors and supporters of the prestigious event complained of poor organization of the 2009 pageant, describing it as a real “mess”, waste of resources, and vowed never to give ears to such nomenclature.

But with this very latest development from the Ministry of Information, it seems as though it is actually going to be a real unforgettable Miss Liberia this time.

With the help of the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism it is expected that all of the eager beautiful young ladies in Liberia, if given the opportunity, will participate.

Meanwhile, the current Miss Liberia; Shu-rina Weah has given out scholarships to more than 20 secondary School Students across Liberia.

She told this paper that the issue of Education is overriding on her agenda, even if she turns the crown over to the next Miss Liberia.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with New Dawn entertainment recently at her office in Monrovia, Shu-rina Weah said, since her emergence as Miss Liberia in May 2009, she has been tackling the cost of Education for Liberia youths.

“Even before I became Miss Liberia, this is something I found myself doing, you know, I do really want to continue helping our younger sisters and brothers who are less fortunate out there,” she asserted.

As part of her provisional educational drive, the current Miss Liberia is heavily engaged with the provision of basic education for Orphans and posts Fistula surgery skills training.

Speaking further, she told New Dawn Entertainment that she is at the verge of launching a project that is expected to benefit a maximum number of Liberian youths.

She did not, however, tell this paper the sole intend of the project or targeted beneficiaries of the project, but said it would be the first of its kind for a Miss Liberia to implement.

Currently, Shu-rina Weah is involved with a number of community based projects that have contributed immensely to the improvement of the livelihood of less-fortunate School-going kids in Liberia.

“Education is the life and bed-rock for the growth and development of every successful Nation, and so I strongly believe in tackling the coast of Education for less fortunate youths out there,” she preserves.

Unlike the likes of Snortee Forh, Bendu Parker, among other, the queen-ship of Shu-rina Weah has not really been doing much to impart the lives of young Liberians because of the lack of support from the Liberian Government, UNMIL, USAID and other non-governmental organizations.

Miss Liberia is, however, grateful to Miss Boss Lady Entertainment for the level of support given her, despite the copious challenges she faced at every step with the crown of Miss Liberia.

She’s therefore urging all young girls who are anticipating of contesting the 2010 Miss Liberia crown to remain persistent.

“Despite the challenges associated with the crown, there are lots of honors, exposures, meetings, as well as opportunities that one can slant on once focused,” Miss Liberia concluded.

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