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Boakai was ill-advised

-National Registry Boss reacts 

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

The Executive Director of the National Identification Registry (NIR) Andrew Peters, vehemently rejects President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s nomination of Dr. Edward Liberty as Executive Director of the National Identification Registry, describing the President’s decision as ill-advised and detrimental to the Republic.

Mr. Peters argues that President Boakai does not have any legal right to appoint an Executive Director at the National Identification Registry, rather, it is the Board of Directors by an Act of the National Legislature that allows the establishment of the institution under the chairmanship of the Minister of Internal Affairs that should appoint an Executive Director for the N.I.R. to run the day to day affairs of the entity for a four-year tenure.

He notes that the President’s decision was influenced by bogus supporters of the ruling Unity Party (UP) who he notes, are so eager and desperate for appointed positions.

He blames the President, adding that President Boakai as Head of State, should have carefully reviewed and observed tenure positions in government before making said nomination that he describes as unwise.

The embattled N.I.R. Boss, Andrew Peters further explains that he was endorsed and appointed to serve as Executive Director of the National Identification Registry by the Board of Directors headed by former Internal Affairs Minister Varney K. Sirleaf and has served for seven (7) months with three (3) years and three (3) months remaining in his tenure.

“I was unanimously endorsed and appointed to serve as Executive Director of the National Identification Registry of Liberia (NIR) through a resolution convened on (June 22, 2023) and the President has no authority to appoint an Executive Director here; it is the Board of Directors’ responsibility, according to an Act by the Legislature which established this institution”, he argues.

Asked whether he will vacate the National Identification Registry to give way to his proposed successor Dr. Edward Liberty, Mr. Peters says he is consulting his legal team.

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Meanwhile, on February 20, 2024, President Boakai made additional nominations for several government positions, affecting the National Identification Registry with Dr. Edward Liberty as Executive Director and Alphonso Belleh as Deputy Director respectively, subject to senate confirmation, something that has prompted quick response from Mr. Andrew Peters.

In a related development, Nimba County District#7 Representative Musa H. Bility, has written President Boakai, reminding him of tenure positions in government.

In a Facebook post, Representative Bility urged the President to review tenure positions, including the Liberia Telecommunication Authority and the National Identification Registry, among others before making nominations.

In his post, Representative Bility reminds the President that some of his nominations are to tenured positions, citing, for instance, the LTA, saying “I trust you mean very well for this Country. Please don’t let pressure from your supporters for ‘jobs’ make you flaunt our laws.” Editing by Jonathan Browne

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